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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm so disappointed

I'm so disappointed with the living room light pendant that was installed recently (the other lights we had installed as well and I'll share them when I'm less angry!)

It's hanging at the wrong height it's way too short and basically sits on the ceiling and so you can’t see the top of the light feature which should hang down from 3 wires. I was so worried about it being low and hitting our heads while we flung our arms around playing Xbox Connect that I didn’t think about how it was going to look that high up.

Two electricians and I spent about 3 hours fitting this light. The wires were tangled so we had to undo them all and then we couldn't get them screwed back in again. Tiny little ball bearings kept falling out and getting lost in our shag rug which looks like grass and there I am trying to find them with a magnet and torch and had to give up in the end. So they just had to tightened it with a lock nut thingo instead. Hmmmm dodgy.

I was not happy

I was home alone and my phone was flat so I couldn’t ring Pete who was at work, to ask his advice. The power was off so I couldn't charge my phone either.

I can’t change the length now that it's up because the lines have been cut short

This light fitting is the most expensive of all that we bought it cost nearly $600 and I feel that it doesn’t make the statement that it should

I've even dreamt about the damn thing for 2 nights in a row. Shows how it's playing on my mind. I'm so disappointed. And angry at myself for playing it safe. And frustrated. Grrrrrrrrrr.

That is all

I do feel a bit better now I've vented, so thanks and sorry you had to hear all that!

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  1. oh no! i understand your disappointment, it does look a little strange. from it's design it looks like it is meant to be hanging lower to be more of a feature and obviously it's not.

    you said you can't change the length of it now because the lines have been cut short but could an electrician lengthen the wires at all? could get back in contact with the place you bought it from and explain that the wires were all tangled and so you had to actually undo them etc?


  2. woah, $600 is a lot for a light you're not completely happy with!

    I don't really have any words of wisdom... it's a nice light though! x

  3. oh my goodness..disappointment must be an epidemic!! this is my post today!!!

  4. yep, when you spend big on something you want it to be right!!! and you just want it to be right anyway as we all have a vision and idea of what it should look like!

    I can see how it would look different if it were hanging a little... but still looks great!!

  5. Oh no :( I am glad you feel better after venting. I really do not think it looks bad!


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