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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cocktails and Cruising

Last year is the first time in about 8 years when I didn't plan a holiday overseas or take off interstate for a little adventure.

Renovating the house and other things at home took priority which is fine you can't have it all can you. BUT I'm feeling those travel twangs, the need to plan and see and experience other places and people.

So I'm in holiday planning mode and on the look out for somewhere to venture in the later half of the year, nothing too far away overseas as I can only manage about 2 weeks away. I'm thinking about a cruise, one where I can hop on in Fremantle and then sail around the tropical islands and back into Fremantle with my big heavy suitcase full of awesome island finds so that I don't need to worry about carry on luggage (truthfully that's one of the best things about cruising - not having to worry about the weight of your suitcase!)

The other best thing about cruising is the food, fine dining for breakfast lunch and dinner if you wish. Or sit by the pool and have a hamburger and chips. Or go into the buffet area with a hangover and eat all the bacon and eggs you can to feel sober again. So many choices. That's probably why there's a huge gym and lots of exercise classes to balance out all that eating!

My other favourite thing you will see in these photos from my last cruise on the Sun Princess in 2007

Afternoon cocktails sailing out of Brisbane

Sunset cocktails sailing out of Broome

Pre dinner cocktails with my parents

Pre show cocktails with my Nana
ok she doesn't drink, they're all for me, well maybe just 1 or 2!

Cocktails with dinner

Yes my other favourite thing is cocktails cocktails and more cocktails!

This last cruise I went on was with my Mum and Dad, my Dads brother and wife and my Dads Mum, my Nana for her 80th Birthday - not usually something you do when your 27 years old to go on a holiday with your family but I'm glad that I did. To share a cabin with my Nana (who will be 85 this year!) was such a great experience and to spend time with my parents and Aunt and Uncle who I don't see often it was really special.

Have you been on a cruise ship before? What was your favourite part?

If you now feel like going on your own cruise adventure check out the great deals on Travel Factory here

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  1. Haha love your other favourite thing! I do miss a good cocktail, haven't had one in quite a while now! Maybe June or July last year?

    I haven't ever been on a cruise, I get freaked out by the idea of not being able to see land and all that really really deep water underneath me that I might have to go into if the ship sank. I dislike not being able to touch the bottom in the ocean.

  2. I'm going on the Dawn Princess!! I should start taking sea sickness pills now.

    It's a bummer I'm not going with my husband but that's what sisters are for.

    I guess I'll have to force myself to have some cocktails;)

  3. I've never been on a cruise, but it looks like so much fun!

  4. I used to work in the PR team for a cruise company but I left as I got really seasick everytime I went on the ships!! Oh, the irony.

    I would be with journalists trying to hide the fact I was completely green with seasick whilst telling them how fantastic cruising was!

    Still makes me chuckle to think of it.


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