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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too Perfect Not To Share

I'm always worried when I buy an avocado about what it looks like on the inside. Too many times I've cut one open and its bruised and gone dark or its not quite ripe and too hard to spread or worse it's too ripe and gone soft and mushy and I can't chop it into neat little cubes

As you will see - this one I bought the other day was too perfect not to share

I love avocado in salad I always pick around the bowl and put all the avocado on my plate!

I also love it spread onto a piece of toast

And its a must in my chicken cheese salad sandwich

Whats your favourite avocado combo?
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  1. That does look like one tasty avocado! I too love avocados in salad. My favourite avo sandwich combo is turkey, avo and cottage cheese on multigrain bread. Yummo! In fact, that is my favourite sandwich combo full stop. I pride myself on my avocado selection skills, I used to work in a fruit and vege shop out of high school and I almost always get a pretty good one.

  2. hmmm i'm not a fan of avocado but Guv loves it with some chicken!

    and yeah, that avocado looks perfect, almost too perfect to be cut up!!


  3. I love avocado too and use it a lot in salad my favourite being a tomato salsa one. You are right it is a bit hit and miss getting a perfect one. Hope you have a good weekend. G

  4. I hope it tasted as good as it looks. I love avocado spread on toast with salt, pepper & a squeeze of lemon juice.

  5. Gah, I love avocado. I like mine on a sandwich with alfalfa sprouts, mayo, salt and pepper. YUMMY. I also love to just cube it up and eat it by itself. Love me some avocado.


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