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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

8 Things To Do In Broome, Western Australia

Today I'm easing the travel bug that's been nibbling at me lately by writing about one of my favourite travel destinations at home in Western Australia - Broome.

I've been to Broome 3 times and travelling there by plane, bus and cruise ship.

Mr P has just come home from his first trip there for a week long fishing adventure and while making a list of things for him to see and do I thought I'd share them with you guys too.

My top 8 things to do in Broome ..... 

1. Cable Beach - For white sand and clear turquoise water as far as your eyes can see you must visit Cable Beach. You can even drive a four wheel drive onto the beach here, go and explore the rocks and fossils when the tides out, or just put your toes in the beautiful warm water. Just beware of the saltwater crocodiles and jellyfish!

2. Sunset Camel Ride - You've got to book yourself on one of the camel tours and go for a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach. The "Ships of the Desert" camels are a lot of fun for all ages, watch out for the spitting ones they can get a little frisky!

3. Sunset Drinks - If you're not on a camel then you can watch the sunset over Cable Beach with a drink in hand! Bring a deck chair and esky and sit right on the beach with an uninterrupted view. Or have an early dinner and drinks at the nearby Cable Beach Club and watch the sunset over the water.

4. Barra Burger and Beer - Have lunch at one of the cafes in town and order a Barramundi Burger - or Barra Burger if you want to sound like a local! Wash it down with Broome's very own beer from Matso's Brewery.
5. Staircase to the Moon - Check the times for this as it's not every day, and make sure you get down to Town Beach early to get a good spot to see the staircase to the moon. You won't know what you're looking for until it happens, but it is really beautiful. Wander around the night time markets afterwards with festivities and food vans it has a great atmosphere.

6. Pearls - Visit the Pearl Luggers in the town centre to learn about the history of pearls and how it's shaped Broome today. You can even go on a pearl farm tour to learn how they harvest pearls, on my next visit I'd like to do this. There are pearl souvenirs everywhere with really unique jewellery and homewares in all the stores .... treat yourself to something special!

7. Tropical paradise - Broome is a tropical environment and gets high temperatures even in the cooler months when the rest of WA is getting rain which makes it a perfect winter getaway! Make sure you pack your sunscreen because the sun is powerful and the rays will burn.

8. Nearby hot spots - The contrast of colours of the landscape is really amazing - red dirt and rocks, blue ocean and sky. There's lots of places to check out the different outlooks of the landscape but my favourite spots are Roebuck Bay and Gantheaume Point.

Broome is not a place to go if you expect fancy dinners and yes the prices are higher but that's to be expected from where it is. But if you're after a laid back, friendly, relaxing town with striking landscapes and one of the best beaches in the world then you'll love a holiday in Broome.

You can find some great travel deals for Broome and Australia wide on Travel Factory here

Have you been to Broome? What's your favourite thing to see or do?

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  1. A sunset camel ride sounds fun... we are going to this farm tomorrow and they offer camel rides, but not at sunset :) I am sure the staircase to the moon would be something else I'd love to see if I ever visit Australia. I have heard that about the sun being pretty intense over there.

    1. I saw your post about your farm visit Carrie, got to love a came ride! The sun is very strong need to slip - slop - slap to protect yourself :)

  2. Yep! - Love Broome! My mum and sister went to live there for a little while and I caught the bus from Perth all the way up there by myself, I was going to say a few years ago but its over a decade now (sigh getting old). Beautiful pictures! xx

    1. Oh man I have done that bus trip on my own too such a long way especially in the heat of summer! It would be a great place to stay for a while, I dont think youd want to leave :)


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