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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If Your Couch Could Talk ..... What Would It Say?

Note: This post is sponsored by Super A-Mart
Today I'm talking couches ..... that one piece of furniture that most of us gravitate towards when we're home to relax, unwind, talk, watch TV, eat, drink, even sleep on!
The couch could tell one heck of a story don't you think!
If Your Couch Could Talk

Just imagine if your couch could talk .... What would it say?

Super A-Mart have come up with this clever infographic which has me thinking back to the couches I've had in my lifetime, surprisingly I have really fond memories of all of them.
My 1st couch went into the first home I rented as an independent 20-something leaving my parents farm behind for a life in the suburbs. I couldn't afford new furniture and gladly accepted hand me downs or second hand items like my first couch which I bought from an ad in the newspaper and I was so naive I didn't even ask the size of it .... turns out it was a huge modular couch that needed 2 vehicles to pick it up!
This couch was an ugly pale salmon colour and every mark and stain stood out and the velvet material attracted every form of hair and fluff. It was so retro it even had a built in coffee table and radio oh yes it was fancy! It wouldn't all fit in the house it was so big so part of it lived under the patio. BUT man was that couch comfortable and large enough to fit many bodies on for movie nights and sleep overs.
My first couch would say to me ....
You made sacrifices and went without and now it's time to move onwards and upwards
and let me go because I'm too big to fit into your next home! 
My 2nd couch went into my very first home I mortgaged, a modern inner city apartment with a small open plan living and dining area. I went for a practical couch/sofa bed thinking a small space would need extra bedding for friends staying over. The first week I moved in I went out and bought a new blue futon couch/bed with a metal frame. As a couch it was the most uncomfortable thing you've ever sat on but as a bed it was firm and did the job. There were many, many, many friends who crashed on that couch over the years!

This couch witnessed my bachelorette days with many parties, new found friendships, years of working, travelling and house sitters, did I say partying?! I had many nights of soul discovering sitting uncomfortably on that couch writing down my hopes, dreams and goals for the future. It was there through the highs and lows of life, when I was finding my way and discovering who I was.

My second couch would say to me .....
You never stopped chasing your dreams and along we way we had some unforgetable fun times!
I guess it's time for us to part ways now as you move into your first home with Mr P 

My 3rd couch is what I have now a beautiful, stylish, comfortable, chocolate leather modular couch and a matching 3 seater. Mr P and I bought these couches together when we moved into our first home Jarrah Jungle almost 5 years ago now. The couch has softened and relaxed over the years, it's still so comfortable, easy to wipe clean and covered in my ever growing collection of cushions and throw rugs.

This couch has been the saviour and place to wind down after long hours working and renovating. Where chats and wine, dinner for two, snuggling, foxtel watching, reading, relaxing, sleeping, all happens here. This couch is my rock, it's the heart of the home, it's where it all happens!

My third couch would say to me .....
You deserve to have beautiful things, so look after me and I'll be here for
many more years to keep you comforted, recharged and relaxed ....
just wipe the renovating dust off me occasionally ok?! 

I had so much fun reminiscing about my old couches and when I stopped and thought about it I was surprised that I remembered them all so clearly!
So now it's your turn to tell me If Your Couch Could Talk .... What Would It Say About You?

Disclosure: I have partnered with Super A-Mart for this sponsored post.

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[Infographic and all images via Super A-Mart]


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  1. My couch would say - time to upgrade!

    1. They take a good beating our couches dont they!

  2. Love how the different couches you've had over the years reflects on the different stages of your life!

    1. Yes so true Trishie, it was quite the trip down memory lane to remember them and think back to who I was at the time too :)

  3. My couch is demanding some waxing, leather. The fabric armchairs are asking to be vacuum to remove the ruddy cat fur xx

    1. Fabric is a pain for pet hair isnt it, thats why we have all leather now! :)

  4. Oh, this makes me want a new couch SO bad. We've been waiting to upgrade, because the kids are so rough on it... but, maybe next year. We do have nicer couches in our living room that the kids are forbidden to eat on or climb on ;)

    1. Good idea to wait until the kids are a little older :)
      Oh yes the nice couches that nobody is allowed to sit on! My Aunty use to have some of those, Im surprised they werent covered in plastic to keep us off!

  5. That was a cute read ~ love it!! xxx
    I still buy second hand couches eek!! Perhaps time for a new one now. xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, aint nothing wrong with pre loved! :)


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