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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making Progress .... Turning Our Toilet Into A Powder Room

On Saturday the long awaited day finally arrived .... something that has been on our to do list since the day we moved into the Jarrah Jungle almost 5 years now and it's so exciting to see our plans come to life!

The vanity and sink was installed thus turning
our small toilet into a functional powder room!

Gone are the days of walking through the entire house just to wash your hands ..... from the toilet in the laundry, through the kitchen, up the hallway, into the bathroom. Or trying to wash your hands at the laundry trough and turning the washing machine taps on by mistake which everyone use to do! So annoying!!
Here's a peek at our progress from the weekend ....

We fitted our new vanity, sink and mixer tap and the plumber hooked it all up to the new plumbing he installed a few weekends ago.
We hadn't yet picked out a mixer tap for the vanity but knew that we wanted it to match our laundry trough mixer with the same shape and style. On Saturday morning we ducked into Masters and picked out this Bello brand mixer tap for $109 which was a third of the price of our laundry mixer (which is a Phoenix Taps brand) but looks just as good.
The vanity was fitted over the new plumbing pipes, glass sink attached and the mixer tap installed - now we can finally wash our hands inside the toilet. Woo hoo!

I'm really happy with the small Cibo vanity we got from Bunnings it looks really stylish with the glass sink. It's compact and the perfect size for the powder room, the vanity covers the pipes and there's just enough room to store some toilet paper rolls inside.
Next the plumber installed our shiny new toilet and after 3 weeks of using the outdoor toilet in the Granny Flat I've never been so happy to have an indoor toilet before .... what a treat it is! I can stop dehydrating myself and drink water all day and wine all night without a care in the world!

We dug out all the old earthenware and terracotta pipes and laid all new new plumbing so that our new toilet would actually flush and work properly like it's meant to!

I'm so happy we have an indoor toilet again and I know our friends and family
will love that we have a working toilet that actually flushes!
No more sending them out to the Granny Flat!!

This week we want to finish painting the laundry and powder room, finish installing the flat pack cabinets, install the bench top, fit the laundry trough and mixer tap.
Once that's done we'll get the tiler back to do the splash back around the laundry bench and powder room basin and lay the kick tiles.
Once all the tiling is done we can set up our new front loader washing machine - I've flooded the Granny Flat twice using our current washing machine in there because the small kitchen sink can't take the amount of water that comes out of the machine and it overflowed EVERYWHERE  and to make matters worse because it's been so cold the wet carpets are taking ages to dry so it STINKS!

The joys of renovating!
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  1. Yay to having an indoor toilet again! Look forward to seeing more progress after what sounds like a busy weekend for you.

    1. Its so good, you dont realise how often you need it until its not there! Another busy weekend of renovating ahead :)

  2. I would also be glad to have an indoor toilet after so long!!! lol

    1. So glad, maybe thats why its called a throne because Im pretty much worshipping it!

  3. How exciting to have that toilet installed! Woohoo! I would be doing the happy dance! :)

    1. Im even contemplating having a laundry/toilet party after this renovation, we could all do a happy dance in there!

  4. Well done, looking good! xx

  5. Hi Michelle, are you aware some pictures are not displaying on a number of your blog pages? Of course they're the one's I'd like to look at! (First world problems)

    1. Hi Alan thanks for letting me know I"ll look into it! Sorry about that :)


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