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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beating The Travel Bug .... At Home

I have been feeling the travel bug nibble at me these last few months .....

I always need to have a holiday planned each year, it gets me through the working week and the home renovations and it keeps me sane to have something to look forward too and keep saving my pennies for.

Travel is my reward for getting out of bed for work instead of turning off the snooze and hiding under the covers all day.

When we are renovating at home on the weekend instead of tasting wines at a vineyard like I'd love to be doing ...... I just think of a holiday that we have planned and it makes it a lot more bearable!

Except that this year, we don't have any holidays planned .... well not yet anyway!

After our cruise ship holiday to New Zealand last year with my family, we decided this year we would holiday at home to save some money and to build up our annual leave time off work.

The main reason is we have a big overseas trip planned next year to the USA for a friends Birthday in Las Vegas! I am so damn excited about going to America - New York and Los Angeles are right at the top of my travel list for my must see places!

But until the big USA trip, this year I still need some travel adventures to look forward to, but on a smaller scale that doesn't take too much time off work or cost too much money.

So once the laundry renovation is finished we are putting the paint brushes down and having a breather before starting the next project - the courtyard!

We plan to sneak off for another weekend rendezvous and stay at a nice hotel close to home where we can drink a bottle of wine in fluffy bath robes in a fancy hotel room and I can have a bubble bath .... oh how I miss having a bath at home!

For a bit of a longer break, if the budget and time off work allows, we would like to take off for a few nights and take our furbaby Lexi with us for our first family holiday!

So I'm on the look out for somewhere that's dog friendly and fun for couples in Western Australia - maybe a coastal town so we can go fishing, have some beach adventures, for a chilled out relaxing holiday.

The only holiday thing I've officially booked is in September - I'm heading up north for a long weekend with some of my Book Club girls for the Kalgoorlie Cup. I'm really excited about this country road trip and will write more about this on the blog soon!

Our last road trip together was down south about 2 years ago and so much as changed since then in our little Book Club ..... we've had 2 engagements, 2 weddings and 2 babies!

So that's how I'm coping with the travel bug this year ..... a weekend away with Mr P, a few days off to explore our beautiful WA with our family of 3, and a road trip with girlfriends.

You can read more about my travels on my Travel Tips + Musings page here

For some great deals on travel Australia wide check out Travel Factory here

Do you have any travel plans this year?

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  1. The travel bug is the nicest bug to have :) We've been like you, rewarding our renovating efforts with a holiday each year (makes all those weekends lost to renovating that much easier to stand!). I'm with you, I miss having a bath at home so anywhere we go with a big tub waiting is already a winner!

    1. Thats it Natalie, if we paid someone to do our house up for us we wouldnt have the money to travel as well. This way we can do both!
      Or a spa bath even better :)

  2. I think it is so neat that you have a book club you've been in for so long. You are going to love the US... I've never been to Los Angeles, or California... but, it's on my list :) I think if I visit California I want to hit San Francisco and the Napa Valley (wine!!). Can't wait to read about your future trips!

    1. Some of the book club girs are coming too that just shows what great friends we have become! Yes so many great places to visit, I'll be getting tips from your NY visit for sure :)

  3. I love travelling too....but that's pretty hard with a little baby around. So exciting that you're going to the States next year!

    1. It would make it a bit more tricky but a good excuse to stick close to home and see the sights around your home town :)
      Im really excited can't wait!

  4. Sounds great! USA is going to be amazing. If you find somewhere nice by the beach to take the furbabies let me know Beans hasn't been on a holiday yet either.

    1. I cant wait for the USA. Holidays with the fur babies, love it! Will do Sarah xx


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