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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bathroom Finishing Touches

There are still some finishing touches to do to finish off the bathroom reno and since the last of the big renos were completed at Christmas time I'm getting a little ansty to get this room finished! Here's some pics to refresh your memory ...



I still haven't picked out a mirror - I was going to go for twin mirrors so the mosiac strip down the centre wasn't covered over too much, but with 1 large mirror it will be easier for the 2 of us to stand at the vanity at the same time so I'm going to go for the practical choice, rather than pretty.

I've been eyeing off this Songe mirror from Ikea which is $189 but I'm not sure if the pattern around the edge will clash with the mosiac strip of tiles - what do you think?

I also like this Cruz mirror from Freedom which is similar to my hallway mirror but at $399 its a bit more than I wanted to spend
The other thing we desperately need is Towel Rails so I can stop using the over the door hanging rail as you can't actually close the door with this thing on - good thing it's just the 2 of us living here and showering with the door open or someone might get an eyeful of nakedness!

This is the Mizu range from Reece which matches our bathroom tapware - the good thing about the rail is it allows the towels to dry better and there is nothing worse than drying yourself with a half soggy towel if you ask me!. But the downside is those few feet I'd have to step in the cold dripping wet to reach my warm fluffy towel Brrrrrrrr
Or we could have a few of these Mizu hooks on the wall closest to the shower which would be within arms reach of the shower, which means less time standing around wet and cold and less water for me to clean up off the floor which is always a good thing. But the downside is I don't think the towels will dry as well Hmmmm

So I'd really like to make a decision on the mirror and towel holders in the very near future - like this weekend! Remembering my 2012 word decision, it's time to make some!

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  1. That is quite a transformation! I know that you are enjoying it. You did a great job. I am looking forward to seeing your other projects come to fruition too!

  2. It's gorgeous and must feel so special to use!

    I love the strip going down the middle and think it would look fabulous with two mirrors. Only you know what you want though.

    The grey, yellow and black colouring looks great as well.

  3. Those mosaic tiles are gorgeous!! I say no to the Ikea mirror - if you're going with one big mirror, I think something simple with just a bevelled edge or something distract less from those stunning tiles...

    It's all looking great. As for towels, we have two towel rails and in this cooler weather lately, my towel still isn't 100% dry either :(

  4. Go the rails. There really is nothing worse than trying to dry yourself with a cold soggy towel. And winter is coming up too which means they will stay colder and soggier for longer!!

  5. I actually prefer the ikea mirror, however i think the other mirror will suit the space better. Love the finishing touches.. But perhaps we have established that already ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love the freedom mirror. They had a 20% off everything sale a couple of months ago... you never know they might have another one soon.

    Your bathroom looks amazing, and it will look great regardless of which mirror you decide to go with <3


  8. That bathroom actually looks unrecognisable! Good job.


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