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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finally ... The Lights Are In

The lights for the house that I've been searching, shopping and shopping some more have been installed and now that I've gotten over my disappointment at the living room pendant I'm ready to show you the rest of them

The electricians spent 2 days at the house - Day 1 they rewired all the lights with new wiring and installed an earth (old houses didn't have this when first built which makes them unsafe). To do this one guy was outside on the roof lifting tiles in the 38 degrees sun and poking the wires through the ceiling, whilst the other guy was inside in the air conditioning pulling the wire through from the inside (I know who was the clever one!)

On Day 2 they came back to install all the lights, put a new light/fan combo in the loo and installed a fan/heater/light in our renovated bathroom and a power point so I can blowdry my hair in the bathroom - best feeling ever! 

The guest bedroom now has this funky retro pendant which I absolutely love

The man cave also has a bit of a retro vibe with this black and orange pendant which casts an awesome orange glow when the light is on

The hallway has this sleek glass and chrome shade (which cracked when we first tried to put it together so I had to race back to the shop and swap it for another one). We're thinking about having another light installed at the other end of the hallway which I need to see inside my shoe cupboard.

The master bedroom now has this stunning black chandelier (which was also broken when I opened it, the weld had snapped from the frame so I had to race out and swap it). I'm really glad I got a larger shade for this room it needed something just a bit bigger than what was there before. When the light on it casts lines all across the room which looks really sassy and sexy ... just what I want the master bedroom to feel like.

I've already shown you the living room pendant that I was disappointed with how it was hanging (it should be lower so the cords are exposed). I mentioned it to the electrician last week and he said he would see what he could do about it as the guys should have tucked the cords inside, not cut them but I know they cut them I saw them do it :( Anyways I can't cry over spilt milk can I - better just suck it up and accept it.


So there you have it my house now has a few light fittings (with still a few more to get!) and let me tell you they really finish off the rooms. No amount of decorating can do what a light cover can do - its the cherry on the top!

Playing with Wow us Wednesdays, why don't you head on over to check out this weeks awesome projects

[All images my own]
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  1. Ooooh, loving that black chandelier. I tried to convince my hubby we need one like that somewhere in the house, anywhere but haven't yet. I will keep working on it. Great selection of lights in general. It really is a good feeling when you have them all in and it makes such a difference to the rooms. Thanks too for visiting my new blog. Gx

  2. I love your bedroom light, it looks amazing! I also really like your doona cover, is that new too? I thought I remembered a black one.

    Our lights are dreadful but there are so many other things our (or should I say MR's) money should go on first - unfortunately!

  3. You have some great lights! They all are so fun. I need to do something about the lighting in our house. I need more outlets in certain rooms. I guess I will add that of the list of to dos.

  4. I so love all of these lights! Fantastic! Thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Wishing you a grand evening/day! Toodles, Kathryn

  5. Beautiful choices...they are the jewels of the rooms. I love what new lighting can do...I always try to get dimmer switches too, really changes the mood. Everything is coming together! Good work...xo

  6. Lovely! They all look great x

  7. Thanks guys
    Megan - yes its another new doona I'm a little obsessed with doona covers and like to change them so I can bring in different accessories :)

  8. i love so many light fixtures that i can never choose one. love that retro pendant in the bedroom. it's amazing what a different a new light makes every time.


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