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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cruise Holiday Fashion

Once I get my mind on something I can't stop myself (expecially when it comes to travel) and I did it - I booked a 10 day holiday on this cruise ship

I can see myself sailing around the South Pacific islands, cocktail in one hand, my gorgeous man in the other (Ok more than likely I'll be sunburnt with my hair blowing in my face and squinting into the sun as the sunscreen stings my eyes) but let's go with the fantasty version shall we!

We're book for September (must be our lucky month same as the Spain trip) so I have a bit of time to find some new holiday clothes to take with me ... floaty dresses in bright colours, some funky shorts and maybe a new bikini on the shopping list

Proud Mary

Hello Beach!!!

Island Hopping

Summer can't come sooner!

Turquoise summer

Beach Patrol

Which also means I'm working at those buns of steel to feel good in my holiday getups!

What are your must pack clothes for a beachy holiday?

[Pacific Jewel Image via P&O and Fashion via Polyvore]
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  1. Oh you lucky duck!! How great to have something so wonderful to look forward to :)

  2. I love the red and white stripes. So nautical!!

    Enjoy your cruise. I love your description of sunburnt and windblown. That will be me as well:) I'll just pretend I'm all fancy with my cocktail in hand.

  3. How fun, a cruise! I've never been on one. I'm planning for a beach trip in the summer though. I just make sure I have a bathing suit and sun screen, what else is there in life when you're at the beach :p
    Oh I really love those white sandals on the Island Hopping pic.

  4. Oh you're so lucky!!! I hope you have fun buying thing for the trip!

  5. How exciting!! Love that red and white striped dress. Love the real vs fantasy description - stick with the fantasy and I'll join you there in a bikini with an unscarred tummy!

    I've been liking the idea of a cruise more and more lately, probably because I like the idea of having a doctor on hand who speaks English!

    A beach holiday for me must involve a sarong, bit daggy these days with all the wonderful options but so versatile. And a bucket for sandcastle making and shell collecting :)


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