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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Tough Love Succulents

I am really surprised at how well my campfire succulent has been growing. I actually feel like a proper gardener for once instead of a plant killing machine! This was the first plant I've ever bought from Ikea and was pretty doubtful at it's life expectancy, especially when I knocked it over in the car on the way home and snapped the top right off the plant. I potted it up in this funky blue pot and hoped for the best.

A year later and it was growing so much it was getting too big for its pot - my time had come to actually repot a plant which was a bit of a proud moment considering nearly every other plant I try to grow shrivels up and dies!

So I snipped a few stems off and stuck them into the soil of a new pot and it has been growing like mad. It loved the tough love!

So then I snipped another few off and potted up my sweet Ikea pot for inside the house. It is the perfect indoor plant it doesn't need much water or sunlight and doesnt drop any leaves or mess.

I can highly recommend these campfire succulents to fellow plant killers :)

[All images my own]
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  1. I am a natural born killer when it comes to anything green. But my lovely aloe vera plant is going wild! Oh hang on ... that's not mine ... it's Husbands ... 'fraid I've got nothin. Might have to get myself one of these then ...just to prove I can.

  2. They good great.I've been wanting to get some succulents to brighten up our 'yard' but always slips my mind when I go out. Might dedicate some time this weekend to do some gardening!


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