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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Condolences Across The Miles

Australia may be many miles away from America but it doesn't stop the shocking news drifting through our TVs this weekend about the senseless shootings that happened in a Primary School, Newtown Sandy Hook on Friday morning.
The sadness of those small lives lost and the braveness of the teachers and staff who lost their lives trying to save the students. The self sacrifice of those teachers no doubt saved many young lives.
It has really hit home just how precious life really is and I just couldn't bring myself to do a normal post this weekend. I wanted to send my thoughts to the families friends and loved ones at this heartbreaking time.
Offering my sincere condolences across the miles  xx
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  1. A beautiful post Michelle...terribly sad news. I've cried many tears...xo

  2. That was some terrible news. Shocking and so sad.


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