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Monday, December 10, 2012

First Look At Courtyard Plans

Following on with my reversing issues and trying to find a Draftsman I got 2 quotes from Draftsmen I found via Gumtree and decided to pick the Draftsman who was $400 cheaper (because I asked for a better price!) and eager to start straight away.
The Draftsman came out took some photos and measurements and we gave him a copy of our site survey plans and he's drawn up preliminary plans for the front courtyard fence and retaining walls.

The Draftsman has also contacted a Structural Engineer to draw the retaining walls to specifications. The Engineer needs to know the soil classification so the walls are built with the correct dimensions etc. We have had a bit of toing and froing trying to get the correct information to the Engineer after which he doubled his bill so we are currently negotiating on that!
Here are the preliminary draft plans .... once I see the plans it's like the dream becomes a reality I can actually picture the courtyard now and which of my design ideas will work.
This plan shows our house with the new double garage (now built)
and proposed front courtyard
The courtyard will go from the edge of the house
across the Master Bedroom and Living Room
to where the driveway will start
The fence design will be brick pillars with metal timber look slats
we are still to decide on height of fence and spacing of slats
The retaining walls are some serious structures to be built
to retain the land and hold the fence up
Once we get these details sorted we can finalise the plans and submit them to our local council with a friendly covering letter asking them to fast track the approval pretty please so we can start the project over the Christmas break.

With any luck I'll be digging trenches for retaining walls over my Christmas holidays!

[All images my own]
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  1. fun fun......i remember retaining wall digging, hope the plans go through xx

  2. Very exciting! I have my fingers crossed you can get approval this year....better check now if the people that work in approvals are going away anytime soon ;)

  3. Seeing it all on a plan always brings it to life. Fingers crossed for your speedy approval.


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