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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fridays Letters - Dear Bloggers

Last week the Friday's Letters Link Up didn't happen and this week it was posted late Friday in America which means it's already Saturday in Australia so its Fridays Letters on a Saturday this week!

Head on over to Adventures of Newlyweds to join in with the Fridays Letters link up.
I'm imagining this weeks letters (and some Chrissy cards!) are written from this bright and fresh home office space.
Dear Bloggers - Thank you so much for your comments and advice when I needed some help I know I can always rely on you guys so thanks a bunch!
Dear Picasa - I was devastated that I couldn't add any more photos to my blog and all my photos started to turn into big black boxes. So I paid $2.49 (plus a $2 conversion fee) a month but I'm not happy about it!
Dear Adsense - In an attempt to get back my storage payment I tried to sign up for you but apparently I don't meet the programs criteria whatever that means. Maybe I'm not cool or unique enough. If you have Adsense do you have any tips for getting approved?

Dear Draftsman and Engineer - For weeks we have been toing and froing providing more information for our retaining walls and fence - just draw the plans already - it's a fence not the Taj Mahal!
Dear Christmas Parties - Last Saturday was my Tuesday Girls Book Club party which was so much fun and this Saturday I'm off to Mr P's work party .... Tis the season to drink and eat way too much!
Dear Bargain Queen Within - You are most appreciated come Christmas time when hunting for presents. Saving money means I can buy more gifts for my beautiful friends and family!

Dear Pampering - I've taken myself off for a bit of pampering this week massage treatments and a hair cut and colour. It's amazing how good I feel after a bit of pampering, I really should treat myself more often!
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  1. It's great that you get some pampering between your busy party and bargain shopping schedules:)

    Boo at paying money to have photos on your blog. At least it is only $2.

    Enjoy your party season:)

  2. Thanks for visiting me! ;)

    I haven't started having to pay yet for pics but I know it's coming. Hopefully I can find a way around it! Enjoy your pampering!

  3. I love that office space! Thank goodness for the bargains, I've been finding a few good ones too at the moment. Hope you get the fence sorted out soon!

  4. That office space is way too uncluttered - makes me feel very messy!


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