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Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Book Club - Tuesday Girls

I gush about my awesome Book Club Tuesday Girls each month when I review the books we have read and thought I'd share a bit more about us.

We've been together for nearly 2 years now and meet on the last Tuesday of the month hence the name Tuesday Girls.
We started with about 15 members and it has now settled to about 10 of us which is a good number because we all get an opportunity to contribute to the group. We take turns picking a book and a location to meet, we find city central up and coming bars and restaurants and enjoy a nice meal and even nicer wine and discuss our books each month.
We each give the book a rating out of 10 and the ratings are posted on our Facebook page. The Facebook page is also where we create events each month and is an essential tool for us to all keep in touch.
Honestly, we do read a lot of wine labels! But we read books too - old classics, romance, sexuality, controversial and just plain strange. I love the challenge of reading a book I would never normally pick up and finding amazing books that I have passed on as must reads to friends and family.
If the book has been made into a movie we organise a movie night as well and over some nibbles and bubbles we compare the movie to the book. It's amazing how different you imagine characters to be and when you see them on screen it can totally change your view of the book. The best book/movie night for me was Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason - I laughed harder than I had in ages!
We plan a Christmas party, last year we went to Subiaco for dinner and dancing and this year (yesterday!) we went on a Swan River afternoon cruise followed by cocktails and dinner. We celebrate Birthdays together and even go to charity events too. We get along so well we even spent a girls weekend away stayed at a vineyard villa in Yallingup and went on a fun filled wine tour.

I'm wearing blue in every one of these photos!
Saturday's Christmas Party river cruise, cocktail bar and dinner
Celebrating my Birthday at Elmars in the Valley


I thought Book Clubs were for nerds and intellectual types and whilst I love to read books I don't see myself as one of those! My view has certainly changed since meeting this like minded group of girls, from all walks of life, and our love for reading has pulled us together and we have become great mates!
If you love to read I would really suggest joining a Book Club!
I found my group on Gumtree, you can try your local newspaper or online community. If you can't find a group, start one yourself you won't regret it!

[First image via my pinterest, all other images my own]
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  1. What a great group you've found! So lovely to meet people through different ways other than the usual work or going out x

  2. That is so great that you found a group you click with.

    I've just joined a sci/fi reading group but haven't had time to read the first book yet. I hope I like mine as much as you do:)

  3. {Love it - I'm the one wearing blue in all these photos!}

    Great bag so cute x

    You girls are lucky, sounds like a wonderful group!! X

    1. Blue is my colour :P
      We are very lucky .... I think having a common interest of reading definately helps!


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