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Monday, March 18, 2013

Blogging Your Way E Course - Blog Boss Week 2

I can't believe the amount of inspiration I've already gained from the Decor8 Blog Boss ecourse. I've just completed Week 2 (you can see Week 1 here) and have so many ideas and visions for my blog swimming around my head and in my heart that I want to put into action.
Week 2 of the course started with us writing a list of blogs that rock and why - you can see my list here. There are so many fantastic bloggers out there and everyone is drawn to blogs for different reasons. For me I follow a lot of different genres - not just renovating and decorating which are my main passion but also some Mummy bloggers who have fun personalities and great stories to tell, photography, food and travel blogs are also favourites of mine.
We also covered the business side of blogging - finances, planning and etiquette.
It has really got me thinking about treating my blog like a business. I've been writing lots of notes and making changes to my blog almost daily as things come to mind. If that doesn't show you what an inspiring course this is, I don't know what will!
There were also some big questions this week I had to ask myself - What do I want to do? Why do I want to do it? How do I want to do it? and When do I want to do it? I'm going to write a business plan with time frames so I can work towards my goals. In fact those 4 words will work for any project or goals in life - What, Why, How, When are the best questions to ask yourself from the start
Isn't it funny when you starting wanting something in life some how those things make their way to you? I have turned my  mind towards my blog as a business and wanting it to grow into something that could potentially provide an income and happiness to me at the same time. And low and behold what happens I start receiving emails from companies about sponsorship and advertising. I think it's really cool how the universe throws things towards you at the right moment ... well world my arms are wide open so bring it on!
I'm really excited to learn more about being a blog boss so I can turn these dreams into reality!
Week 2 recap #blogboss
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See my Week 2 homework here
[Images via Decor8]
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  1. I'm so glad you're getting so much out of the course, Michelle! I should re-read over my notes and try to get inspired again. Love hearing the excitement in your words!

  2. Ah! So awesome. And truly, you will learn so much from Holly. She's the best!

  3. I am learning so much just from reading about your journey. xxx

  4. I have to wait till October for the next class, damn!!! xxx

  5. Michelle - it will be great to see how you feel about the course when you have completed it. Best of luck with it.

  6. The universe is listening! x


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