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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Kitchen Renovation Action Plan

When I first started dreaming about my kitchen renovation I worked out the first steps for planning a kitchen renovation and now that the renovation is underway I've prepared a more detailed and step by step action plan.

My action plan is a 3 page list with dates of when something needs to be done, what it is, and who is doing it (us or trades). I need to be super organised with a big project like this so it flows from one thing to another - if I'm not, I'll end up pressured to buy things on the spot, the project will drag on forever and undoubtedly I'll end up spending more money which nobody wants to do.
So this the short version of our kitchen renovation action plan:
  1. Start inspiration file / Visit showrooms for ideas (I've been doing this for years in anticipation!)
  2. Get 2 quotes from kitchen companies - Design 1 and Design 2
  3. Choose cabinetry, handles and bench top
  4. Choose splash back
  5. Buy new appliances (oven, stove, range hood, microwave, dishwasher)
  6. Buy sink and tap ware
  7. Turn the garage into a makeshift kitchen with microwave, fridge, pantry etc
  8. Pack up the kitchen cupboards and keep out only the essentials
  9. Pack up pantry and keep food essentials in makeshift pantry
  10. Move from dining area the wine buffet and fish tank into Study/Craft Room
  11. Order new french doors to be made for dining area (doors will go out onto a deck - still to be built!)
  12. Final meet up and measure with kitchen company
  13. Demolition time!
  14. Rip out all the old cupboards
  15. Knock down brick wall of walk in pantry
  16. Knock out exterior brick wall and window to make doorway for french doors
  17. Double check measurements for french doors and have installed
  18. Repair hole in ceiling where pantry wall removed (most likely we will need to replace entire ceiling)
  19. Patch and prepare walls, window and door frames, skirting and ceiling (paint some areas now and the rest once new kitchen installed)
  20. Repair hole in floorboards where pantry wall removed
  21. Sand and fill gaps in floorboards (ready to be sealed and restored once new kitchen installed)
  22. Go shopping for bar stools, rug, lights and wall art
  23. Organise plumbing and electrical work tradies
  24. New cabinetry and bench tops to be installed
  25. New oven, stove top and range hood to be installed
  26. New sink and dishwasher to be installed
  27. Organise tiler to do splash back
  28. Finish painting - walls, window and door frames, skirting and ceiling
  29. Seal and restore floorboards
  30. Unpack the boxes of kitchenware in storage that I've long since forgotten about!
  31. Bring the fridge back in and stock with well earned beers and wine
  32. Unpack food into the shiny new pantry
  33. Stand back and admire our awesome new kitchen
  34. Throw a kitchen party to thank all those that fed us during the renovation!
So far we're working our way towards No 14 we haven't finalised anything but the wheels are in motion ... we've been appliance and door shopping the last 3 weekends in a row but not actually bought anything yet!

I will keep you posted over the coming weeks as to how I'm coping with no kitchen comforts, what products and appliances we chose and why, how we go with the installation and whether my insanity is in tact after weeks of having no kitchen!
[All images my own]
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  1. Hope everything goes smoothly! Cant wait to see the finished product eventually!

  2. I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus lately so I've missed HEAPS with your blog. Goodness, that is a long list. But if you look at it number wise, you're almost half way through.

    Good luck with the lack of kitchen comforts. Time to make use of the BBQ and the slow cooker!

  3. Oh my, that is QUITE the list! I'm so glad you're blogging about it all....I'll be going back to this post sometime down the track when I'm ready to renovate....a house I haven't bought yet but you know, it'll happen :D


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