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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sourdough Bread Making Class

I lerve bread, if I buy a fresh loaf I'll keep going back for just 1 more slice, and maybe 1 more slice, until suddenly the whole loaf is gone! Unfortunately I never inherited my Mum's brilliant baking skills so when it comes my baking, my cheesecakes go rubbery, my slices crumble and my attempt at damper is a doughy floury mess. So when my friend told me about this Sourdough Bread Making class I decided to go to a class with her this weekend and I'm so glad I did it was bloody fantastic.  

We had to show up with an apron (I couldn't resist wearing my funky retro one again), bowl, spatular, and $120 and over 4 hours Yoke Mardewi showed 15 of us in her kitchen how to make (and eat!) - pink salt and rosemary sourdough pizza - sourdough spelt fig, sultana and walnut bread - haloumi and mint sourdough bread - and - olive, tomatoe and roast onion sourdough bread. They were as delicious as they sound and I bought Yoke's cookbook (which she autographed for me) so I can try to make these at home.

Yoke's Sourdough is very basic its made from a starter (live coulture), flour, water and salt. That's it. It's made me think twice about buying supermarket bread again when I think about all the additives that are in it. I learnt a lot about buying organic and natural products, soaking grains and even spices before using them so they release their nutrients and it has made me want to buy and eat a lot more natural and healthy food.

I'm really excited at the idea of making my own bread and can see myself baking a delicious savoury loaf to go on a cheese board and making pizza bases for my new pizza oven.

[Book from Wild Sourdough]
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  1. Mmm sounds delicious and its the perfect time of the year to have a nicely oven warmed kitchen smelling like a bakery. Yum!

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    Someone else with a fresh baked bread problem- maybe we should start a group!


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