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Friday, July 29, 2011

Million Dollar Makeovers

I've stumbled across a locally based company Million Dollar Makeovers which completely renovate houses in just 2 weeks - they totally strip them, design, renovate, decorate and then stage them for selling - in 2 freaking weeks! 

They mainly do top end hoity toity homes that need a bit of updating and modernising and these homes sell for an extra $1 million after the renovation. Now that’s a profit! My lil house won't exactly fit into that realm after my renovations but as I slowly chip away room by room I can definitely see the impact renovations make to a house.

Here's my 2 favourite renovations

City Beach House
Entrance Before

Entrance After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

North Beach House
Living Room Before

Living Room After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

I don't know about you but after those renovations I wouldn't want to sell anymore, I'd be staying to live with all those shiny new things for a while!

[Images from Million Dollar Makeovers]
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  1. It looks incredibly good are right I wouldn't want to sell anymore, he he!!!
    The entrance looks brilliant, the floorboards made all the difference

    Claudia xo

  2. This is a perfect design for a house. I love it

  3. Just wanted to thank Million Dollar Makeovers for the great services they provided me when I was choosing my Perth home renovation service. Great service and affordable prices.

  4. Oh that red carpet is making my eyes sting. I know Sasha who started the company and have written about a few of her projects. She is certainly very good at what she does! Often they send people off on holidays like to Vegas or something while their home is being done... can you imagine? You come home from holiday after a couple of weeks and your whole house is renovated! People like me with three-year bare lightbulb syndrome can only dream :)


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