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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Organising My Ever Growing Accessories

Some people get into Spring cleaning in ... well ... Spring! But not me, I'm more of a Winter organiser  as you can see from my pantry redo, when its pouring with rain outside I put on my uggies, pour a glass of wine and get into organisation mode. For ages now I've been meaning to organise my ever growing collection of accessories ... scarfs, hats, bags, belts, etc.

My scarves and hats I keep on a hat stand in the Guest Bedroom but this isn't really working for me as I have so many they end up being just a big jumble of wool. And because they're in the Guest Room I feel like a dag when people sleep over and they have to look at my big jumble of wool! Here is the downsized version, I had 2 hat stands before I moved in. What can I say I like my accessories!

So I took all the hats off and just kept the scarfs on it so it doesn't look so cluttered and messy. I'm happy to keep it in the room looking like this.

The hats I managed to fit in my wardrobe on the shelf I was using for jumpers and bikinis. I hung the jumpers up and put the bikinis under my dresses. Now I can make better use of the shelving and even though the hats are stacked up high at least I can see them when I'm getting ready so I'm all prepared for my next bad hair day!

The shelf below the hats is for my bags and clutches. I love this spot for them as I can see them when I'm getting ready so I'm always changing my bags around. My larger bags are on the very top shelf of the wardrobe which is a bit of a struggle because I'm a shortass but I guess that's what stools are for!

The rest of my small dainty scarfs I put into 2 cardboard shoe boxes and 1 clear box which I cut a hole in the top for easy access. There's 2 shelves under my dresses which wasn't being used, so this is where I put them. When I was designing this wardrobe I laughed hysterically when the wardrobe guy told me these shelves were meant for shoes, as you know I need a dedicated cupboard for my shoe collection!

My bikinis are on the top shelf, and because they're something I only wear a few times a year it doesn't matter that they're tucked away a bit. Yep I have about 10 bikinis, that's normal isn't it?!

It's a good feeling getting organised and making the most of my wardrobe space.
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  1. I've been trying to get my wardrobe organised lately too. I did have a hat stand for my scarves and things as well but it just wasn't working for me. At the moment I'm thinking I want a bamboo ladder to prop against the wall to hang them on. Your wardrobe space looks fantasic!

  2. Culling can feel SO good...and you have done an amazing job of organising all your little winter bits and bobs...good skills lovely x

  3. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    Doesn't it feel good to have it so tidy! You have me inspired for some winter cleaning myself.

  4. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    I need to find some boxes and start organizing my sons toys- they seem to be getting out of control- Nice work with the acessories!

  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    Thanks so much for linking to WorkShop Wednesday! Hope to see you this week!


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