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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Glass Basins for the Bathroom

My heart goes pitter patter every time I see glass basins in a bathroom I've always loved the look of them they've got that different edge and a real wow factor that I've been wanting for my house. So when it was time to pick the basins for the bathroom I thought bugger the practical white porcelain, I'm going for the glass basins and making my renovating dreams come true!

I found a fantastic local company called The Stone Super Store which have 100s of different glass basins in their showroom to choose from and I looked through their brochures and website a zillion times and visited the store twice before I picked one. It's called Sparkling Silver and has silver foil on the outside and crushed glass look on the inside. They are made from 20mm tempered glass so strong enough for every day use. Plus they look ah.mah.zing! What do you think?

We are having a double vanity which means we need to buy 2 of everything - we bought 2 of the sparkling silver bowls, plus the pop up waste and spacer (which allows it to sit up a bit so you can wipe under the bowl). We bought them home and had a bit of a play around to see how they would look on the bathroom vanity (which is in the midst of being made)

I'm so happy with them and feel like my renovating dreams are slowly coming true being able to have these amazing pieces in my home. They will be the hero of the bathroom ... you wait and see!

Stirling Silver Bowls $319 each - rrp $395
I saw them at another shop who I won't name and shame (unless you ask me to!) for $495!
Pop up silver waste $27.50 each
Silver spacer $25 each
Total $743
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  1. I love them! Your bathroom is going to be amazing!!

  2. I can see you bathroom featuring in a home magazine already, it's going to be awesome! Love your choice of basins!

  3. I love it. Love that you recommend it. I am thinking of getting blue metallic bowls for mine!


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