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Monday, November 7, 2011

My 1960s Retro Bathroom Beauty

Before I go all sledgehammer crazy I'd better show you some before shots of my 1960s purple retro bathroom beauty in all its glory ...

This is the only shot I have of the old vanity - it had a purple sink to match the purple bath fancy smancy with jarrah legs underneath and absolutely NO storage

We replaced the original vanity about 6 months after we moved in (and before I started this wee blog!) we were lucky enough to be given this small vanity by family who didn't need it anymore and it fit perfectly. We also changed all the plastic taps to some shiny new $30 ones. The new vanity has been great to get us through until we did the proper renovation and it gave a bit of storage but still not quite enough.

There is also storage above the vanity, a built in wall unit with sliding mirror doors but it's very narrow and not very tall so only really good for cosmetics and perfumes etc. We are going to convert this unit into the shower alcove where the shampoo, etc will go. Not exactly sure yet how we are going to do it but we'll work it out. The mirror is so high I can only just see my head so if I want to see anymore I have to stand on my tippy toes (yes I'm on tippy toes in this photo!). I'll be having a large mirror in the new bathroom so I can see from my shoulders upwards thanks very much!

Here's our little bath which admittedly never got used in the 2 years we have lived here. Our new design doesn't include a bath, not sure if we are making a big mistake not having a bath but hopefully the double shower makes up for it. I have no idea how we're going to sledgehammer our way through getting this bath out it's going to be pretty tricky I think.

The shower is 900x900 and our new shower will be 1740x1000 oh yes a vast improvement! We also changed the plastic taps and shower head in here with some shiny new ones for $60. It was the small changes that we made that made it a bit nicer for us until we go to this renovation stage. See that shower curtain? Well there will be NO shower curtain sticking to my butt in the new shower, it's glass shower screens all the way baby! 

The tiles with their crazy swirls and tiny floor mosaics which are impossible to get clean. You can see why I'm so excited about my new grey and metallic tile choices.

As you can see I haven't fought the purple, I thought it would be better to embrace it and buy a purple shower curtain, towels etc. I also love the lime green towels and accessories they add a bit of retro fun to the bathroom too.

So that's my retro bathroom before and I'll be sure to show you some durings and  in a few weeks time I'll be able to reveal my funky modern bathroom after. Most likely without a purple or green accessory in sight!
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  1. Your bathroom looks awesome! O.o Our bathroom is also my favorite part of the house because it helps me relax. Mine looks a bit modern, though. ;)


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