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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bathroom Renovation - Where's That Sand Coming From?

There is sand coming from my bathroom floor!

I had no idea that when I chipped through the floor tiles and sledgehammered through the layer of concrete that I'd be standing in sand and rubble. In the house. Sand. 

The house is covered in a fine layer of dust it's found it's way onto everything even the laptop keyboard feels dusty as I type this blog post. Oh the joys of renovating!

As you can see the bathroom demo is in full swing. I got all decked out in my trendy safety gear - glasses, gloves, ear muffs and got stuck in with my scraper and mallet.

All that banging was good to get out some pent up tension I tell ya, but it may have ruined my neighbors leisurely weekend nap as we were making a hell of a noise.

It took pretty much all day to demo - we turned the water off, closed off the taps, removed the old vanity and tap wear, chipped all the tiles off.

Then Mr P had some fun with some manly tools - a kick ass drill bit and sledgehammer. The shower alcove was chipped away and because its the wet area an extra layer of bricks came out with the shower recess.

Then the sledgehammer came out onto the bath to break the surrounding tiles and pull out the bricks and rubble holding the bath in place.

We couldn't get under the bath to undo the pipe so used a hacksaw to cut through the bath pipe.

My parents want the bath for the farm as a drinking trough for the horses - can you imagine a purple bath in the paddock that will be a funny sight.

All the rubble was taken outside bucket by bucket and once the rest is cleared I'll order a skip bin to have it all removed. 

So now that the demolition is done that's the hard part out of the way. 

Now I need to get my butt into gear and pick the tapwear - shower mixers and basin taps so that the plumber can come and do the plumbing this weekend .... yes tomorrow!

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[All image my own]

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you got that all done in one day! You go guys!!

    Have fun picking out your tapware, it's going to look amazing all brand new and sparkling, I bet you can't wait. Loving the idea of a purple drinking trough for the horses as well!

  2. Oh, my! What a huge undertaking! It does look like you are having a good time during demolition :) How thrilled you will be with your accomplishment when the job is all completed!


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