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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Makeshift Bathroom

With me all caught up in the bathroom renovations I thought I'd share my little makeshift bathroom I've been using for the last 4 weeks while my bathroom has been turned into a room of sand and rubble

This is where I'm brushing my teeth nowadays, yep in the laundry sink! I also do my makeup here which is actually a pretty good spot because there's lots of natural light. And the best bit is I figure with the washing machine covered with all my things, if I can't see it I don't have to use it until I run out of clean clothes which will never happen with a wardrobe my size!

We also have a granny flat just a few feet from the house out the back door which has a little bathroom, shower, toilet, and runs on it's own hot water system. The granny flat is pretty daggy we have just been using it for storage up until now but after lots of scrubbing and cleaning I'm glad we have it for the renovations.

Now be warned - nothing can prepare you for the sparkly floor, swirly shower base and flowery wallpaper! Shower times have been reduced dramatically I'm in and out in just a few minutes and I'm embarrased to admit I've been going as many days as I can without washing my hair because I'm too scared to close my eyes incase any creepy crawlys come out!

I just keep imagining that I'm on holidays camping or staying at a caravan park or somewhere because that's what it feels like using the laundry and granny flat as my makeshift bathroom!

Ah the joys of renovating!
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  1. I can see how that swirly shower could seem offputting! Even without the creepy crawlies.


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