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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Double Shower Indulgence

In the bathroom we are forsaking having a bath and toilet and having just a double shower and double vanity. I've just realised how completely indulgent and coupled up it sounds to have just a shower and vanity but the plans are drawn, the plumbing is in, there's no going back now!

My reasoning is I never used the bath we had in the bathroom as it was so small and the toilet is located separately in the laundry, and if we wanted to include these in the room we would've had a shower/bath which I'm not too keen on and squeezing in a toilet would make it poky.

The way  I see it its  Saving Water + Time Together = Happy Campers!

Have you ever used a double shower?

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  1. I think if there is only one bathroom, having the toilet separately is a better idea anyway, so then if someone is in the bathroom, the toilet is still available. My son does love his bath though...

  2. Yes I've used one on holidays! It's fun... but can be annoying.

  3. We chose to have a double shower in our ensuite and I think it's the best thing ever.

    From a practical point of view it makes life a lot easier when we are both rushing to get to work.

    And from a less practical point of view it makes showering together more fun too :)


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