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Friday, May 25, 2012

2 Year Blog-Versary

This week (Wednesday in fact but I didn't look in my diary until today!) my blog and I have been BFFs for 2 years

My very first post was back in 2010 when I started this blog as a place to share the Jarrah Jungle renovations and I had no idea what I was doing or if I would stick with it or if I'd lose interest and it'd be a forgotten about faze after a few months. Then last year at the 1 year mark I was so proud that I'd stuck with it and so happy that I had made some new friends with shared interests and follow some great blogs I love to read and find out the latest fun project or recipe or even troubles others go through and maybe try to offer some advice or a cheeky comment if it will brighten up your day - I'm a bit of a comment tart if you haven't noticed!

So now 2 years on my blog has evolved to include my book reviews from my The Tuesday Girls book club I joined a year ago, sharing recipes (well my edible ones only!), and still those renovations continue bit by bit we'll get this house finished one day. I'm so much more relaxed in what I post about now too, I'm more upfront with what I say and share, how I write, and I absolutely love having this space that I can call mine. All mine.

I have almost the same amount of American followers as I do from Australia which I think is pretty awesome, it can be so different in another country but yet we all seem to find the same things funny and share the same kindness and support when needed. Thanks for being a part of this bloggy world with me ... 2 years on and who knows where we'll be in another year from now ... a girl can only dream xx

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  1. Happy blog-iversary!! I always enjoy stopping by your corner of blogland andseeing what my fellow 'Perthie'is up to :) Looking forward to another year of your posts xx

  2. I look forward to reading many more!

  3. Yay! I am so glad I found your blog...what a great way to document the progress you are making in transforming your home!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note, so sweet of you!


  4. Great to have been blogging for 2 years! I have only been going for just over 6 months but am having a lot of fun with it. Thanks for your comment about my "forgiveness" post.

  5. Happy blogo-versary!! Woot Woot! What a great celebration of commitment, action and growth. Yay you!

  6. Isn't it amazing to get to connect with people from around the world? It's my favorite part! A big congrats to you on your two years :)

  7. Thanks a bunch for your kind words ladies x

  8. Congratulations, happy blogiversary!


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