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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Can't Resist Yellow & Grey

I have been eyeing off an art piece in Target for a few weeks and couldn't decide if I only liked it because it was yellow and grey which I'm absolutely obsessed with or if I actually really liked it. It's quite different because it's not your usual canvass, it's a print in a white shadow box frame and covered in glass. I decided I liked it enough to wait for it to be on sale ... 15% off wasn't going to cut it ... neither was 20% ... about a month on and it was reduced to 40% which bought it down to $45. Time to come home my new friend :)

Can you believe I actually made a decision on where to put it THAT VERY DAY in the living room next to the TV wall. I thought Pete was teasing me when he said he'd hang it up straight away, grabbed the drill and it was hung on the wall THAT VERY DAY not months and months later like all my other paintings as I'm so indecisive about where to put it. My 2012 word is definitely working!

I think it works really well in the living room and brightens up the copper tones from the painting on the other wall which is what it needed

My yellow and grey hunger is fed once again ... when will I stop obsessing over this colour combo? Probably never!

[All images my own]

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  1. So decisive:) The pic is beautiful and a bargain. What more can you ask for?

    Grey and yellow seems like the current 'it' colour and I love it as well. I like how you've incorporated it into your current colour scheme. Especially the yellow chevron cushion! I have no room for any more colour around here.

  2. Good decision, it looks perfect where you've put it!

  3. Oh I LOVE your lounge room! Looks and feels so homey!

  4. Yellow and grey go so well together, I'm a fan too. Your new artwork looks great - good job waiting to get it on sale too!

    I'm pretty certain I signed up as a follower of your blog a few weeks back but your blog has disappeared from my list - signing up again, hopefully it sticks this time!

  5. I love the combination too! So proud of you that you actually hung it up! I usually have my Target spoils hanging around for days before I decide where to put them:)



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