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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Birthday Week Begins

My Birthday week celebrations kick off from today with me taking a few days off work

Every Birthday week should start and end with some pampering I think so I'll be relaxing at the hairdressers today with a cuppa and magazine while I get my hair done. [I should point out after a fearful attempt to dye my hair at home in my newly renovated white tiled bathroom and getting splatters of dye all over the shower making it look like a bloody murder scene I will never attempt a home dye job again!]  

Saturday afternoon I've planned a big do with family and friends at a brewery in the Swan Valley with lots of nibbles and drinks. Hopefully the rain holds off and it's a nice sunny day in the beer garden just for me!

Then on my actual Birthday which is Tuesday I'm off to the day spa for a massage and total relaxation I lerve being pampered it's such a treat

A Birthday dinner with the family and my man and that will be the end of the Birthday celebrations

I really like to spread out the Birthday cheer and milk it for all its worth :) Afterall if you can't celebrate the small things in life what's the point really?!

You can read about last year's surprise party here

[All images via my Pinterest]

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  1. Happy Birthday fro Muskoka! Hope you get lots of love and good wishes Michelle....xo

  2. Oh I am exactly the same! I make such a big deal out of birthdays & although I don't go screaming "HEY LOOK EVERYONE, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!" I love to pamper myself, take some time off & just enjoy giving myself a reason to take some time out :)

    Birthday in the Swan Valley sounds FAB! Enjoy!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Happy Birthday fellow Taurean. If you dont pamper yourself who will! Enjoy.

  5. I think a birthday week is a great idea :) Have to make the pampering last!! Just realised your birthday is the same day as Grace's which is the 15th too :)

  6. That "birthday cake" at the end is a brilliant idea!


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