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Saturday, May 19, 2012

It Took 5 Months To Find 'The One'

My bathroom mirror saga has come to an end I've finally found 'the one' and it is totally different to what I had in mind (thank you fellow bloggers for your advice about it :) Took a trip to Ikea to see this large framed mirror but it was too dominating and would've taken away from the gorgeous mosaic down the centre of the vanity. I was really feeling deflated and about to give up and that's when I saw it - a large oval mirror with a bevelled edge looking modern and simple and it was the perfect size (I'm talking to the millimetre!) it's the Kolja mirror and the price was a bargain $39.

Come meet 'the one' ...

We've got round bowls, round tap wear, round shower heads
so it makes sense to go for a round type mirror
(excuse the old fill in mirrors in these photos)

We didn't want to use the side clips and drill into our beautiful new tiles so instead
we stuck the mirror straight to the tiles using soudal hightac which is a silicon glue

We found the centre point of the mirror over the vanity and at the right height,
cleaned the walls well and then stuck it on (and prayed it was straight!)
We used a little piece of wood as a prop to take the weight while the silicon dried

After 24 hours we removed the prop and whola ... it stayed! 

I absolutely love the oval mirror, I think it really ties in the bowls and shower heads and looks much fancier than its $39 price tag!
[All images my own]
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  1. It looks perfect! And I'm in love with the look and the price tag! And I can't believe that tiny piece of wood held that giant mirror up ...



  2. That's a big mirror for a little price! Nice to see one in a different shape too, it's really nice :)

  3. Oh, it is perfect indeed! Definitely worth waiting for :)

  4. Oh, it is fabulous! I love the oval, unique and stylish.


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