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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toilet Roll Holder To Pot Plant Holder

I've had this toilet roll holder sitting around in the cupboard for a few years, the lid got broken so I don't use it to hold the loo rolls anymore but kept it thinking it would make a cool vase or something. Since my campfire succulents are growing like crazy I thought I'd take some clippings and plant them out into it ... Trust me it looks better than it sounds!

Just your average white ceramic toilet roll holder with a bit of a funky lean to it

I filled it most of the way with rocks (succulents need good drainage)

Then added some potting mix

As you can see my campfire succulents are growing like CRAZY
so I was doing them a favour taking a few cuttings

Planted a few cuttings into the new pot

Now it looks like a funky succulent pot and you would never know
what it use to serve as!

I think it looks really cool under the patio on the little corner setting and along side my Ikea pot

Have you ever used anything out of the ordinary as a pot plant holder?
Please share so I don't feel like such a weirdo!

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[All images my own]

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  1. You are turning into quite the little gardener! I love it, it looks very awesome with the ikea pot.

    In keeping with the toilet theme, a lady I work with has got an actual toilet in her front garden. It has strawberries growing in it. And unless you look closely, well it just looks like a white ceramic shaped pot.

  2. I use whatever will hold soil! I have a cool Budweiser metal ice bucket which has a chilli plant in it, it looks really cool on the table! Ive also used Ikea tubs that I had no use for anymore as well. Your new pot looks great!

  3. Good idea, looks great!

  4. I love that you picked some super funky succulents to live in your super funky pot ...

    ... and how could it have been a toilet paper holder with that funky lean to it?

    ... so happy you shared with us at our Great Outdoors link party!



  5. I just can't picture TP in it for plants though! I have a few of those white IKEA pots on my desk:)

  6. What a fun little repurpose. And, you're right, it is super funky. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing at our party!

  7. Super funky fabulousness! Love using things for a different purpose! In fact, my tp holder is an old Johnnie Walker scotch tin!

    Thanks for linking to our Outdoors party.

  8. What a clever idea! I have become a HUGE fan of succulents this year (as it seems that I am unable to kill them ;)

    I might have to try this :)

  9. This looks great! I was certainly wondering when you mentioned it in your comment so of course I had to come check it out :) I love all the different vessels that people are using for plants this year. I can't wait to get my hands on an old metal toolbox. It's waiting for me in the basement of our cottage.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    - Claire :)

  10. That is a brilliant idea! i will share this idea it my friends and i'm sure they'll love it.


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