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Monday, May 21, 2012

Point and Shoot: Breakfast Of Champions

When: Saturday, 19 May 2012
Where: Alfresco in the Jarrah Jungle (home!)

Both Saturday and Sunday morning I enjoyed breakfast with my man outside under the patio. The weather has been so nice lately with gorgeous sunny days and chirpy mornings. Saturday I picked up some croissants from the bakery and layered them with ham, cheese and dijon mustard so delicious fresh from the oven and Sunday it was toasted bacon and egg sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, onions and melted cheese so naughty but oh so tasty!

After that leisurely breakfast I worked off those calories and get stuck into some work around the house .... I worked my butt off this weekend I even broke out in a sweat (which never happens I'm such a princess!). We were given the thumbs up to get the roof ready for construction next week (now that the garage walls are up) so we had to go gung ho to get it all ready for the work to start tomorrow.

Pete removed a third of the roof tiles off the roof and stacked them out of the way, fitted some huge tarps over the roof to stop anything getting in while the tiles are off, and pulled all the old gutters off. Meanwhile I didn't busy myself inside baking or basically avoiding the hard work this time, I got stuck in and did more than a few loads with the wheelbarrow dumping stuff into the skip bin and moved and stacked a few hundred tiles out the way. My little bones are aching today though, I can tell ya I am buggered!

I guess I can't really complain after last weeks Birthday festivities :)

Playing along with Sunny + Scouts Point and Shoot, why don't you head on over and share something about your weekend

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  1. This weather has been glorious hasn't it?! Yesterday was so lovely and I'm thankful that today has been the same as I've managed to catch up on some washing. Your brekkies both sound yummy - good that you could get stuck into all that physical work though to work off the naughty food :)


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