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Sunday, May 27, 2012

They Call Me The Sandwich Queen

I like to think of myself as a bit of a Sandwich Queen it was passed down from my Mum who makes THE BEST sandwiches in the world! Even my friends would ask if my Mum was making sandwiches for our parties - and we were young adults not kids (in fact I still ask Mum to make sandwiches for my parties now!)

Even my man calls me the Sandwich Queen - I'm not sure if he does it to encourage me but whenever we have tradesman or friends around and I offer to make them lunch he always tells them You won't be disappointed she's a Sandwich Queen!

So with those expectation to live up to I'm always trying to come up with different combos and I whipped up this tasty little roll the other day for lunch

Turkey & Brie Roll

Take a fresh wholegrain roll
Spread with cranberry sauce
Top with shaved turkey
Slices of brie cheese
Gourmet lettuce
Freshly cracked pepper and sea salt

The rich brie and sweet cranberry is a match made in heaven, it's a rich and tasty combo and not something I would make every day but definitely a little bit different for when you need to impress

What's your favourite sandwich or roll combo - please share!

[Image my own]

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  1. If only I could make sandwiches without bread!

  2. That combination sounds delicious!! I often get shaved turkey as it's lower than fat than other meats. For parties, I like making chicken, aioli and chive sandwiches - yummy!

  3. OH YUM!!! I Love brie!!

  4. At uni they had a sandwich bar where you chose your bread/roll/wrap and then piled in your fillings, and paid for it by weight lol I used to load mine up with all kinds of things, caramalised onions, chicken, bacon, avo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, all the things that appealed! It was a MEGA roll, and they were SO GOOD!!! But kinda expensive haha

  5. I very rarely eat sandwiches, but when I do I particularly love a turkey, cottage cheese and avocado combination on a seeded roll. Gotta be seeded, doesn't taste the same on white bread!


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