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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fridays Letters - Dear Sparkly Scarf

It's time for my favourite link up party Friday's Letters if you want to meet some fabulous friendly bloggers head on over to Adventures of Newlyweds and join in the fun

I'm imagining my letters are written from this funky home office today although I'm wondering if I could restrain from doing a crossword on the wallpaper!

Dear Sparkly Scarf - I've been feeling under the weather this week but when I put you on suddenly the world seems like a sparkly brighter place. Thanks for making me feel better. 

Dear New Followers - Welcome to my humble part of the world, I have really loved getting comments and emails from you lately it truly makes me smile and brightens my day.

Dear - You are full of simple and easy to follow recipes that people have cooked and reviewed so I can see the tried and tested recipes worth making. Thanks for saving me this week.

Dear Hot Water System - Why did you have to break on the coldest morning in decades? A week of boiling the kettle to wash dishes has made washing up even more painful if that's possible. I hope you get fixed this weekend.

Dear Granny Flat - You know I think your scary and daggy and can't really stand to go inside you on my own but your hot shower has saved my cold naked butt this week and for that I'm grateful.


[Image via my likes on Pinterest]
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  1. Thank heavens for your granny flat! I remember our hot water system dying one cold winter and it was unbearable!! I tried your Never Fail cake this week by the way - yummo! Enjoy the weekend x

  2. It's funny to hear you talk about the coldest morning when it's supposed to be 103 here today! Weird! Happy weekend!

  3. Love your letters girlie!! I tried to find your blog before but couldn't remember your link! Please become a bloggy friend of mine so i can search for you a little easier ;) thanks for the comment today as well! Your blog is great!

    Happy friday love!

  4. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  5. okay, what does daggy mean?! I feel like this is something uniquely australian, or I am just living under a rock (which could very well be the case!). Loved your letters, thanks for linking up with me!


  6. haha, I totally would not be able to resist finding words on that wallpaper all day long, it would drive me crazy. I can't even be around popcorn ceilings without finding tons of pictures
    xx, alisia e

  7. Very cute letters!! I love how scarfs cheer up a day!!


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