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Monday, June 11, 2012

Point and Shoot: Clothes Swap Party

When: Friday, 8 June 2012 @ 7pm
Where: My friends clothes swap party

This is 8 bags of clothes/shoes/bags/belts etc that I cleared out of my wardrobe and took to my friends clothes swap party on Friday Night. All the girls were invited over and the only rules are that you bring a minimum of 1 item of clothing but you can take as much as you like. The Salvos are having a shortage in donations so she has organised for them to pick up anything that was leftover. It's a bit of a laugh I keep seeing my clothes in the piles that someone took last time, but brought back again to swap. It doesn't matter because it hasn't cost us a cent and we get a few new items for our wardrobes. I brought home only 1 bag of clothes and got rid of 8 I was being restrained!

As for the rest of my weekend both Saturday and Sunday from lunchtime until it got dark was spent on the roof laying the tiles over the new garage extension. They are finally on and secured and I don't need to worry about the wind and rain and winter weather that has been beating around Perth all weekend.

While the lads were outside working hard I was inside busying myself in the kitchen ... I made a big pot of wholesome chicken and vegetable soup and didn't even use a recipe and it turned out really tasty, a never fail cake which was fresh and orangey and a spicy chicken and prawn laksa. It's been a while since I've had a cookathon must be the cooler weather making me feeling like cooking up a storm.

How was your weekend?
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  1. A clothes swap sounds like a clever idea Michelle, getting new clothes and not paying a cent is a great way of recycling. It has been a bit of a miserable weekend here too but not the horrible winds you've been having over there, perfect for chicken soup:) Enjoy your Monday. x

  2. I have been meaning to do this with my friends! But the reason I want to get rid of my stuff is so I have less stuff...guaranteed I will come home with more though! haha. Good job on reducing your bags to one!

  3. That's a great idea. Although I don't think I'd have much to offer, my wardrobe is always pretty bare!


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