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Monday, June 18, 2012

Point and Shoot: Fancy Dress Party

When: Saturday, 16 June 2012 @ 8pm
Where: My place pre party drinks

This weekend we still chipped away at working on the garage extension, the plasterer came both Saturday and Sunday to screeded and render the inside of the new garage and it looks totally different (I'll share some photos soon). Mr P removed all the fascias and the rest of the gutters off the roof ready for the new ones to go on this week. I did housework which I won't bore you with other than to say it is impossible to get sheets dry in this rainy weather when you don't have a dryer. Sheets draped over my bar stools in the dining area wont win me any domestic godess awards but what else can I do? How do you dry your washing in winter?

Saturday night we went to a fancy dress letter 'F' party for friends who are heading off to travel around the rest of Australia so we threw a farewell party for them. I dressed up as Flower Power and Mr P was The Fonz, there were Fairies,  Fallen Angel, French Maid, Foxy Lady, Frog Man, A Fridge, Fried Eggs, Females, Fur Coat and some cheeky ones that are too rude to mention! I also made fairy bread which is obviously an Australian food because most of the partygoers had never heard of it before, they had no trouble eating it though :)

How was your weekend?
Why not join in with this weeks Point + Shoot and tell us all about it!

[Image my own]

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  1. It sounds like the reno is coming along nicely although the whole renovating part isn't fun enjoying the finished product is kind of nice:) I like the sound of your letter 'F' party, fun times.

  2. Too funny...havent been to a fancy dress for I dont know how long. Maybe for my 40th I will think up a theme? ; ) x

  3. Cute outfit!

    I'm currently without a dryer for the first time in years and I'm finding myself keeping my bedding on far longer than I used to. Hanging over bar stools is a great idea though!

  4. It is just not possible to dry clothes without a dryer in Winter (especially if your home is not heated). Mine were taking so long to dry that they began to smell mouldy. Seriously. I gave in and bought a dryer... Best investment yet!


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