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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Part Way Through Rendering The Garage

Heres a peek at the render going on to the inside of the new garage extension covering the mix of old and new bricks. This was a full weekends work by our plaster/render friend and its only halfway finished, he'll be back next weekend for my famous sandwiches and to finish off the job. The front of the house will be rendered next.

Remember how the wall looked before when we had chipped out the old fire place

Then bricked it in

And now covered in render

Its going to look like new

This is how the render goes on quite thick and you have to wait for it to dry
Now I know where the saying watching paint dry comes from
He actually does wait and watch it dry before he can do the next step

Once dried enough it can be screeded back with a metal screed

Then water is sprayed on it and a sponge used to wipe it smooth

It's going to look awesome

We are half way through our to do list and it's only been about 2 months so things are looking pretty good.

I never knew a garage could make me so excited until now, building something brick by brick and watching each step take place and lead to the next one has been a really fun project. I can only imagine what it's like to build a house - that will no doubt be the next project after this renovation.

[All images my own]

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  1. Wow, it's moving along now! Going to look great!

  2. Lookin' good! Such a big project...


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