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Monday, June 25, 2012

Point and Shoot: Upmarket at UWA

When: Sunday, 24 June 2012 @ 3pm
Where: Upmarket at UWA Gardens, Crawley

I made the most of the break in the cold winter days we've been  having and spent a sunny Sunday afternoon at the beautiful University of Western Australia where the Upmarket was on. I use to want to go to this Uni just to experience the UWA gardens, there are always weddings and events being held here it is so beautiful.

The Upmarket is held about every 3 months and is a showcase for all WA designers there was fashion, jewellery, kids stuff, stationary, bags, relishes and jams, so many things to look at. I bought myself some cookbooks which were taken by a WA photographer Lustre Publications and has stunning photos and recipes, some cool posters from Mokoh Designs I'm going to frame for gifts and some cute yellow rose stud earrings. I couldn't resist a take home pack of Cookie Dough Cookies they were so rich and indulgent, some banana and coconut chutney that is meant to go nice with curry, and some tomato chutney mmmm I love my savoury sauces. 

I went with my bestie and her little boy (in the snaps above and below) and I'm not a coochicoo kid type of person but I am tempted to steal this one somedays he's such a cool little dude :)

As for the rest of my weekend it was very quiet, I haven't been been feeling too crash hot so pretty much spent the whole time on the couch by the heater. The renovations continue outside and the renderer finished the garage (woo hoo) and Mr P got more work done on the roof. I'll share some progress photos with you soon. 

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?
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[All images my own]
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  1. Ok at first I read paint and shoot and then thought this has nothing to do with painting so went back and read the title again and it say point and shoot and that made more sense......and goo because you where not talking about a gun but a camera........

  2. I love markets. This post reminded me I must get out and see more of them.

  3. I really wanted to get to the UpMarkets this month but I had all the kids home sick :-(

  4. I used to do catering & did a number of cocktail functions on that terrace as the sun set in the summer time, absolutely gorgeous!

    I've never heard of this market but you'll have to let me know when the next one is! I'll keep September in mind :)

  5. Oh I wish they had UpMarket when we lived in Perth! Looks fab :)


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