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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tarp Is Off And The Tiles Are On

The roof tiles have FINALLY been laid on top of the new garage construction and I can FINALLY start sleeping at night without worrying if the ceiling will start leaking water or rip off with all these storms we keep having or worse someone is going to crawl inside the house in the middle the night and get me! It was a labour of love and tile by tile Mr P and helpers spent over 12 hours on the roof this weekend in the rain and wind laying the tiles. 

This is the last look at the new roof construction and
what the tarp has been covering for about 3 weeks

These are the tiles we bought ages ago for the job and we used nearly all of them
and might actually need more because we have
one more row to do once the gutters go on and they weren't actually as good
a quality as what we thought when we bought them unfortunately
a lot are chipped and broken and can't be used

Ok it's time to get laying lads!

All day Saturday they laid the tiles from the edge up to the ridge capping

Front is done they're half way there

Doing the back

Doing the side against our awesome new wall

On Sunday Mr P was up there in stormy winds cutting all the tiles that
sit under the ridge capping so they fit properly

So now there is the bottom row of tiles to be laid once the gutters are on (yes we're still waiting on them) and it will be a bit fiddly trying to get that last row on now but we didn't want to wait any longer on getting the roof tiles secured so we'll just have to work around it. Also we can't find any more metal clips that hold the tiles on, we are calling everyone in Gumtree, and even tried a few salvage yards and everyone has tiles but no little clips. Worst comes to worse we'll just use wire and make our own clips but they'll be a bitch to remove if we ever need to take off a tile.

The next job is to have the inside of the garage plastered and rendered which a friend is booked in to do for us this weekend. The front and back of the house will also be rendered but that will be a bit later on. After the rendering we'll put the ceiling in and pour the new concrete floor. Lots of work happening around the Jarrah Jungle in the next few weeks!

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[All images my own]

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  1. Wow, what an effort! Looking good :)

  2. Looking good how have you been during the resent storms in Perth, hope you did get effected much......

  3. This may seem like a silly question....but how are tiles permanently it with those clips you mentioned?

  4. Wow! It looks like a lot of work but at the end is going to be fabulous! I love those tiles!


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