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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shhhhhh Its A Surprise

I've been doing some secret squirrel business this week and planned a surprise dinner for my friend's Birthday tonight (who also had a surprise party thrown for her last year but she found out about it so it wasn't much of a surprise!). This time we have all managed to keep it a secret and she thinks she’s having dinner with 4 of us girls – but there will be a table full of her friends waiting at the restaurant with balloons and flowers when she walks in

It feels so good to make a fuss out of someone and make them feel special and I hope she feels really loved because she is. I can't wait to see the look on her face!

Have you ever thrown someone a surprise party?

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  1. I have but it was YEARS ago and we went to paintball where one of the guests was hit at close range and hurt herself. Eek. I'm clearly not the best at coming up with party ideas ;-)

  2. For my 19th my friends did the same for me. It made me feel so loved & special. Now, we surprise each other every once in awhile with a birthday dinner. Always so much fun :)

  3. Yay! I think surprise parties are wonderful. I haven't thrown one, but I've had them thrown for me and it is such a shock! A a delightful, marevellous shock! x

  4. So sweet! I love a good suprise party! Hope she didn't find out this year!

  5. Aww very sweet, never threw a surprise party nor has anyone ever thrown for me- I don't know if I would like it bc I'm such a control freak. haha

  6. how fun!!! you are all blessed to have each other as friends! good for you!!
    we had a wedding shower for my daughter with 100 people....she never in a million years saw it coming..really really fun!!

  7. Hope the party went well! I've never been on the receiving end of a surprise party but I did organise a surprise birthday present/party for MR when he turned 21. Paintballing with his friends, I hired a bus, organised his friends and it was a complete surprise, lots of work but definitely worth it! Even with all the bruises I got!!

  8. I don't like surprises so I know nobody would ever throw me a surprise party. It would be nice in theory but it just makes me nervous to think about it.

    Hope the party was great!

  9. What a great friend you are, I hope she has fun and no one blows the secret ;)


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