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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dark Side Of Blogging

Like so many other bloggers out there I taught myself how to set up my blog add photos and links to make it appealing to readers.

As time has gone on I've realised how important it is to link images back to the original source where ever possible. I myself am guilty of this and have noticed that some of the links I have referred to no longer exist, I'm unsure if this is because the person has removed them or if they were to a temporary page, etc.

Since Pinterest has come into our lives and the ease of pinning someones photo and putting it out there potentially as their own I believe it is more important than ever to credit images and content back to where it came from.

Surprisingly, I've noticed many images on Pinterest don't take me to the original source - they have an error message or worse they go to a spam type website. I'm very careful now to check these links work and if they don't take me to the original source I update the details so they do. If I can't find the source, I won't use the image.

I googled my own blog (as you do!) and was shocked that some of my photos had made it onto Pinterest but I am very pleased to say that they all linked back to my blog as they should do.

As an added precaution I've added a Copyright Notice to my blog to ensure that the content from my blog always belongs to me.

Of course I write so readers can learn some DIY, share some recipes, read a book by my review, and I love to share information that's why I blog about it but I would be devastated if my content was borrowed aka stolen and not referred back to me. After all its my blood sweat tears late nights and speedy fast typing skills that allow these posts to happen!

I strongly suggest you add Copyright to your own blog - all you need is the words Copyright the content to and from date and the authors name ie: Copyright 2010 - 2012 Jarrah Jungle.

It not only reminds readers to link back to your blog but it also covers you if anyone 'borrows' your content and you want to take it further you have proof that they were warned it was Copyright.

Go on, add your Copyright footer now!

[First image via Pinterest source
All other Images my own]

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  1. Michelle - good advice. I watermark all the photos that I have taken myself by putting my blog name onto them - it won't completely stop people "borrowing" the images but I think it will help

  2. Good idea. Your ideas are pretty great to be repinned. If it's an original idea it's always good to get the credit!

  3. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Cheers for the good advice.... will do one right now for my blog :) Thanks

  4. Good advice, thanks. Carole, is it hard to add a watermark? I've been using images from google (& have tried to link to source) but would like to start using some of my own photos.

  5. Thanks for the tip! I've added it to the side of my page (stolen your wording.....if that's okay? :D)

  6. I'm about to do a little blog makeover soon so will be sure to add a footer. I too get peeved when I click a link on Pinterest and it doesn't show up with the original link - I try hard to do so when pinning.


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