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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Growing Teapot Collection

I seem to have started a bit of tea pot collection which is really quite strange as I rarely drink tea but I love the look of tea pots and they come in so many different styles

Here's some of the ones I've put on display in my kitchen

The fluro tea pot and teacup and saucers were on sale at Typo for $5 each and the blue and white tea pot and cups were on sale at Freedom for $7 and $3 (I also got the cereal bowls in this design)

The silver teapot a friend gave me along with a bag of other silver homewares I need to polish up so I can display

The fruit bowl is Vue from Myer I got on sale for $29

The clock is from Target on sale for $20 (every time I've moved house I've bought a new clock as a symbol of a new time in my life and this clock Mr P and I bought when we moved in together)

I'm being a bold and mixing up my coloured accessories and I'm quite liking the clash of colours!

[All images my own]

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  1. Love your eclectic collection, it looks perfect on your kitchen shelf!

  2. I love tea pots and I would love to start a collection of them but I can hear hubby saying why, what's the point they are just dust bloody annoying my husband is at

  3. Hi Michelle!
    I saw you just left a little bird is only about 3 inches tall...adorable. I see you have a collection started too. Teapots are a favorite of mine too. I love the solid pastels (I have a few!)
    Take care, I always love when you visit! xo

  4. Such a sweet little collection! I love tea pots and my eye goes right to your silver one! Hope you have been doing well friend!


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