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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baking With A Bread Maker - Is It Cheating?

Iv had a few interesting experiences baking bread, I attempted sourdough a few times after a Wild Sourdough class I went to last year but it was taking me 3 days from when I was activating the yeast to actually eating the bread which was to much of an epic experience for me.

So I asked for a bread maker for my Birthday and lucky me I got this one!

It is a fantastic present I've used it heaps already to make Cheese and Herb Damper and Herbie Cheese Bread - both delicious with soup. I made Pizza Dough but it wasn't too good it wouldn't cook through in the oven and the pizzas burnt, I used the delayed start with this which might be why so next time I'll make it fresh and see if it improves.

My favourite so far is this Cinnamon and Sultana Bread I made Saturday night so when I woke up Sunday morning the house smelt like sweet cinnamon and it tasted just as good (wish there was smell vents on the computer but you'll just have to imagine!)

My beautiful Cinnamon and Sultana Bread

I sliced it thick and toasted it

Slathered on butter and my Nana's homemade Fig and Apricot Jam

I kind of feel like I'm cheating a bit using the bread maker as it is so easy you just add all the ingredients and turn it on - it mixes it, lets it rise, and cooks it.

To think how epic my previous bread making attempts have been and for a not very good baker like me it's a foolproof way to have delicious fresh bread.

Do you have a Bread Maker?
What is your favourite recipe to make in it?

[Image for bread maker via Sunbeam & All other images my own]

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  1. It's not cheating. Have fun

  2. i do have a breadmaker the exact same one actually! though i have been slack in using it, must rectify that!

    i have to ask, what do you use to slice your bread because your slices look perfect and each time i have baked bread in it, i always stumble in slicing it!


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