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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Picking Our Exterior House Colours

The garage renovations are still going strong and there's been a ton of decision making about the exterior colours of the house.

Let me tell you it's a totally different process to painting and decorating the inside of the house.

It's not as overwhelming for one because you don't go out and buy a zillion tester pots and slap them on the walls to pick colours as there's usually only a few choices of colours and so the decisions have been made pretty quickly.

Let's start with the gutters and facias these will be Colourbond Ironstone (Stratco where we bought them from call it Darkstone) which is a dark charcoal colour with a hint of dark blue undertone. We didn't know it had the blue in it until it was up and outside in the sunlight but I think it adds a bit of depth and interest.

Ironstone/Darkstone colour sample

Facia on the new garage wall -
We still don't have new gutters on they are a few weeks away from being installed so the rain just pours off the roof and onto the ground .. sometimes onto my head if Im not quick enough!

The roof we are going to spray paint in the same charcoal colour as the gutters and facias Darkstone except a few shades darker for contrast. Once the roof is painted you won't even notice the garage extension and different tiles - a full roof restoration and painting job is booked for 5 weeks away.

Ironstone/Darkstone colour sample

Before: Our roof

Now: Our roof with extension

The down pipes will be Colourbond Classic Cream (Stratco call it Smooth Cream) to match the colour of the brick and render. I wanted charcoal so it matched the gutters and roof but Mr P convinced me the cream will blend into the house instead of standing out which will be better.

They're not an architectural feature so no need to draw attention to them.

We haven't put the down pipes on yet but they'll look like the house below against the limestone brick wall.

Classic Cream/Smooth Cream colour sample

Feature house with limestone walls and down pipes

The render we had 2 choices of colour - grey or cream.

Again I wanted grey because it would match the inside of the house which is all painted grey but because of the limestone foundation our house sits on and the new limestone brick walls cream is the better choice for the render.

This render is tinted with yellow sand so has a bit of a sandy natural colour and texture.

Our newly rendered wall against the new limestone brick wall

The render is still a bit wet here and will dry a lighter colour

The garage door will be a jarrah look to add a bit of contrast to the charcoal and cream, we haven't pick a style yet but these are some of my favourites.

I like the dark jarrah but with a window to let in some natural light.

Feature house with garage door without window dark jarrah

Feature house with garage door with window light jarrah

timber slat and brick pillar fence will be built around the front of the house to make a small courtyard.

The timber will match the garage door and look something like these.

We'll either make the pillars from limestone bricks or standard bricks and rendered the same colour as the house.

Feature house with timber fence

Another feature house with timber fence

So the colour combo will be similar to these houses below - charcoal roof, charcoal gutters, cream down pipes, cream render, timber garage door and fence

Have you ever really noticed the colour of the exterior of your home?

I never have but now I'm checking out everyone's roofs and garage doors as I drive by!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[Photos 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 my own
Images 3 Colour samples from Colorbond, Garage Door 1 and 2, Fences 1 and 2, Display Homes 1 2 3 4]

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  1. Yay for Ironstone - that's the colour we chose to paint our guttering too. It's a great colour but definitely has a blue undertone to it. Your colour choices all sound lovely :)

  2. You have SUCH a similar taste in colour to me! Almost exactly the same choices I've made for my house! (Except that I got my way and we are doing grey render!)

  3. I can tell you my house outside colours without looking, but only because I don't like them!! Our house is cream, with patches of the rendering on the concrete posts and fence in lovely shades of bore water. Our roof, gutter and down pipes are all a dreadful shade of orangey red and our roof is grey. The only thing I like is the grey roof. Luckily, we need new gutters and they are going to be dark blue so we'll get new down pipes and paint the fascia at the same time in a lighter shade of blue. Once the red is gone it will look so much better! I like what you have chosen for your place, nice neutral cool tones. Perfect! Can't wait til it's all done and we get to see a photo!

  4. I've been thinking through all this's around the corner! I love seeing your processing!!! Thanks for sharing! XO, Aimee

  5. Gee you have good taste! It's going to look awesome! Our front courtyard - charcoal retaining wall, cream pavers, jarrah stained doors. One day we will do the whole roof, gutter, render thing with the same color scheme so can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  6. We built our place 6.5 years ago and decided to get it rendered - we were stoked to find out at the time that it would cost no extra. We had NO idea when it came to colours and just picked quite random ones that while we didn't love, we thought would go together ok.

    We hit the jackpot with what we picked. Our render and downpipes are in Sandbank [we originally wanted Paperbark but the building company stuffed our choice up and got it wrong, as it turned out we're glad they did, Paperbark would have been too light]. Our gutters, front door and our [new - we replaced it this year from a roller door to a sectional door] garage door are all in Cottage Green - our original roller door was also in Sandbank but we're loving the change to Cottage Green, it makes it standout. Our roof is also a light green - didn't want black or red as EVERYONE who was building at the time has those colours and we are the ONLY house in our area with a green roof.

    Your colours sound like they will fit together perfectly, can't wait to see the finished house!


    p.s. A HUGE congrats on the promotion!!

  7. Interesting images! Thanks for sharing it with us. The first glimpse of your home anyone has is its exterior. If the outside of the house looks drab and dull with peeling paint and faded colors, it does not matter how good the interior is, no one will be impressed. Giving the exterior of your house a coat of paint will give it an instant face lift that can make a big change to its look and will be the added incentive to go ahead with a make over for the entire house.

  8. The new roof is already looking great, even though it's not yet finished. The color choices - ironstone and classic cream - complement each other quite well. You’ve got a good taste for colors. The choices do not outdo each other. Instead, they kind of blend and work together. I bet this house is going to be one of the headturners in your neighborhood!

  9. I like the visual effect that limestone and ironstone make together. They create this contrast which is very interesting. On another note, I also prefer my gutter system to blend in with the exterior of my house. Choosing the closest shade to the roof is the best way to do that. I want it to be like it’s a natural part of the roofline. ;)

  10. Darkstone is a pretty nice color. Having one color for the roof, gutters, and facias is a good idea. It brings a sense of uniformity and harmony to the house. I can almost imagine it looking all beautiful and elegant!

    >Lenore Lung

  11. When choosing a color for your house, make sure to achieve a balance of dark and light colors. Your house will appear uninviting with the dominance of dark colors, and an overabundance of light colors would make it look too boring. If you want a darker color for the roof, make sure to choose a lighter color for the walls or the siding.

    Joanne Barragan

  12. So impressed with your colour choices! You have gorgeous taste. That Ironstone colour is beautiful.

  13. Nice information. Keep sharing these ideas. If you are relocating to a new place then don't forget to hire a packers and movers for your relocation. Let packers and movers to perform the job related to relocation and spend more time to choose the interior and exterior color as it's a costly process and it's difficult to change the color again and again.


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