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Monday, June 24, 2013

Come On Over To Bloglovin

Everyone has probably heard the news that Google Friend Connect which sits on your blog sidebar with all your followers pretty faces will be retiring on 1 July 2013. That gives you just 1 week left to find another way to follow your favourite blogs before they're lost in the blogosphere forever.
I liked using GFC it was simple to use within Blogger where my blog is and every day I'd log into my dashboard and read through the latest posts from the blogs I follow. But now I've officially had to go elsewhere to make sure that I don't lose the blogs I follow and likewise so you guys out there can still find Jarrah Jungle. I'm really quite sad that I'm losing my readers in GFC as I have almost 200 followers and feel that I need to start again in Bloglovin where I have under 60.
I hope everyone will take the time to subscribe to their blogs again through another reader. There seems to be 2 main reader platforms to chose from Feedly and Bloglovin - I chose Bloglovin and have been signed up for a few months now, this is my run down on Bloglovin:
* It was easy to add Jarrah Jungle into Bloglovin, just sign up with an email address and then claim your blog and update your profile.
* It allowed me to transfer all my subscriptions from GFC straight into Bloglovin in just a few clicks.
* There's a few different Bloglovin buttons that are easy to personalise and grab for your sidebar so others can find you.
* You can request how often you want to get updates from blogs, I receive an email daily with the latest posts from blogs I follow. You can also log directly into your Bloglovin account to view the blogs you follow.
* You can go onto each blog and scroll down to see all the posts they have in case you missed a few or remember seeing something and want to go back through and check it out again (this happens to me all the time when trying to find a recipe but I can't remember when I saw it)!
* There are drop downs for Popular Posts and Top Blogs so you can find even more inspiring blogs to follow and add to your Bloglovin list!
I can't survive these renovations without you guys - my awesome readers and followers, I thrive on your encouragement, comments and advice and hope to see you on the flip side after 1 July 2013!
Find Jarrah Jungle on Bloglovin here
[Images via Bloglovin - follow me here]
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  1. I still don't want to believe GFC is closing! But i've followed you on bloglovin already my dear...just in case.

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    I thought they were not getting rid of it anymore. Who knows anymore! Too many accounts when it comes to blogging; blogger, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, youtube, pinterest, nuffnang, google plus, now blog lovin too!

    1. Oh arent they? That would be good news! Your right so many accounts it gets a little confusing :)

  3. Cool! Will check it out. GFC doesn't do anything for me. I find it restrictive.
    That cup cake on the side of your blog ("you have the sweetest blog" award) is making me hungry. I now need to find myself a cup cake ...

    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. Enjoy your morning tea cupcake and a cuppa ;)

  4. Is it just Google Reader that's going though as in our Blogger dashboard blogs will still be in our list won't they? Now I'm confused... off to read more... :)

    1. I thought it was both but I could be wrong. I know its definately the friend connect way of following blogs is being made obsolete.


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