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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hard To Find - Dear Noah

There's a fantastic Australian company Hard To Find who as the name suggests source and sell unique and unusual gifts and goodies of all kinds for you to buy from their online shop. They send out a weekly email with their top finds for the week and they also have glossy little brochures that they put inside magazines so they fall into your lap like magic and have you swooning over their latest collection.
These Dear ... canvasses in particular made me smile the other day. Let's start with my personal favourite Dear Noah ... somehow I think it belongs in a kids room or nursery of which I have neither but I'm so tempted to get it anyway!

How could these not make you smile! 
Which one is your favourite?
[All images via Hardtofind]
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  1. I love these! The Yahoo one is my favorite =)

  2. Ohhhhhh, so good! I love the Noah one too!

  3. The unicorns one is my favourite. I've seen them in cards somewhere before but I can't remember which shop. My sister has one of them but it's not one of the above, it's something to do with twilight I think. Too late + bad memory makes for a very unhelpful post comment!!


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