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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Perfect Beer Batter Recipe

Unfortunately this isn't a meal I can make in my makeshift kitchen the garage but it won't be long until I'm cooking in the new kitchen! This is a recipe I made a little while ago and want to share because it was delicious.
I was always a bit hesitant to make beer battered fish for fear it's not too healthy and would be heavy and oily. But I'm glad I tried this recipe, surprisingly it was light and fluffy because of the yeast in the beer and the batter was crunchy and tasty.

Deep-Fried Fish Fillets in Beer Batter Recipe
(In The Kitchen Cookbook by Allan Campion and Michele Curtis)

250ml (1 cup) beer  ... you can finish the rest!
2 tbsp olive oil
1 egg
170g (1 cup plus 1 tbsp) plain flour
pinch of salt
500g firm white fish fillets   ... caught fresh by my big brother, thanks bro!
seasoned flour
oil for deep frying

Whisk together beer, oil and egg.
Sift flour and salt and add to beer, whisk until smooth.
Set aside for 30 minutes.
Heat up oil in saucepan for frying.
Coat fish in seasoned flour, then batter, allowing excess to drip off.
Ease fish gently into hot oil and cook until golden, turning fish over once.
Drain on absorbent paper and sprinkle with salt.
Serve with lemon wedges, a green salad and chips - don't be naughty like me and have frozen chips, make your own hand cut oven baked chips tossed in olive oil, sea salt and dried mixed herbs.

If you're like me and afraid of this being an oily dinner don't be, it was delicious!
[Image my own]

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  1. Hmmmm considering it's only fried in 2 tbsp of olive oil, not bad at all!

    1. No its fried in a whole saucepan of oil!

  2. I'm going to pin this one for future reference, Michelle. Cheers

  3. This looks really good! I love light and flaky, sounds perfect!


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