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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Epic Week Of The Kitchen Install

The new kitchen was installed this week after gutting our old kitchen 6 weeks ago.

Luckily last weekend was a Long Weekend because it was so hectic trying to get everything done before the new kitchen was delivered ... we didn't put the tools down until midnight. It's amazing what you can do when you know you have to although I felt like I was on The Block the tv show and fighting against the clock!
On Monday the French doors were hung in the dining room (post to follow soon) and it was late afternoon before we could then get into the last of the jobs to be done before the kitchen was delivered the next day. We had to plaster around the new doorway and walls, sand off the old suede effect paint off the walls, re-install the skirting boards and quarter round, find a new door frame for the kitchen door which we managed to do by using the old pantry door frame which was the perfect fit (just like we used the pantry shelves for floorboards), and finally clean up and give the floorboards a coat of tung oil where the cabinets will be placed and then we'll give the entire floorboards a proper coating once all the kitchen is in.

On Tuesday the cabinets were delivered already assembled and put into the kitchen area.
Doing a happy dance around the kitchen cabinets!
On Wednesday a kitchen installer organised by the kitchen company spent the day putting the cabinets in place, the top pelmet and contrasting kick boards. It was so exciting to see the design come to life and it just kept getting better with each cupboard being screwed into place.
Glass wall units installed
Cabinets being installed
Handles and kick boards on
They also measured the stove and sink so they could cut the granite bench tops but unfortunately the sink we bought was out by just millimetres .... we had measured the whole cupboard instead of just the inside of the cupboard oppps! So there goes my plan for the 1.5 sink and I had to settle for a single basin. We did a 8pm run to Bunnings and picked out a single basin sink ironically in the same style I wanted in the first place with a shell pattern on the drainer - this was my first pick for 2 reasons, 1 my nickname is Shell and 2 there is shell in the granite .... It's a no brainer really! When we got the sink home we realised it would work better with the drainer on the other side so I set my alarm early to return the sink the next morning before they arrived with the bench tops.
On Thursday morning I woke early and sculled my espresso like it was a shot of vodka then took off to sort out the sink, the first store didn't have the style I wanted in stock so I drove to the next one praying and trying not to get stressed out in peak hour morning traffic driving around in the rain with fogged up windows Grrrrrrrrr! Anyways I got my sink and got it home in time so it all worked out in the end.
Later that morning the kitchen guys came out to measure up the new sink so they can cut the granite off site in their workshop. The sink will sit perfectly centred on the kitchen window and in hindsight will give me more bench space so I'm happy with the single sink. It was worth the drama it looks fantastic.

The 1.5 sink didn't fit ... bugger!
We got the Clarks single basin sink with drainer on the left but then swapped it for a drainer on the right
Shell pattern drainer - my nickname and a nod to the shells in the bench top
When I got home from my morning sink saga the electrician was waiting in the driveway for me he'd messed up his days and come a day early. Luckily we were organised and had bought all the lights ready for him - I managed to make some decisions from my Lighting Inspiration and a big thank you to everyone for your advice on lights.

We had installed all new electric conduits and electric cable in the place where the power points would go so they were ready for the electrician to connect everything. He was here for 8.5 hours can you imagine how expensive it would've been if he had done the work from scratch. Plus I put the pendant light together which took me about 3 hours with frustration breaks in between so that would've been even more labour costs!

Here's a tip: Always have your lights assembled and ready to be installed by the electrician to save time and money. 

We cut in the electrical conduits, pipes and ran cable ready for the electrician
Light for the island bench - Lennox 3 light pendant from Beacon
LED Downlights for the kitchen area - LEDlux Downlights in cool white from Beacon
The electrician connected up the power points for the bench tops and all the appliances.

He connected the 4 LED lights in the glass cabinets (which were fitted by the cabinet installer the day before).

He helped me decide where to put the 4 LED ceiling lights in the kitchen so they shone onto the benches and didn't cast shadows as that would drive anyone crazy.

Finally the pendant light over the kitchen island was installed, this had to be perfectly centred over the island and while I spent hours putting it together it was just as fiddly to install because the heights had to keep being adjusted until it looked right.

He also connected the oven which is now ready to use.
4 LED lights and pendant light
Glass cabinet lights have 4 LED lights inside
On Friday the granite bench tops finally arrived - unfortunately they tried to come yesterday but snapped the sink bench trying to get it into their trailer so they had to cut another piece. I was a little worried because we had picked out 2 pieces of granite and I didn't want to end up with a piece that was different but they picked a piece of granite from the same batch so it matched.
We picked out our 2 pieces of granite the weekend before the install
The granite bench tops were delivered in 5 pieces pre cut to size
3 for the sink bench, 1 for the stove/oven bench and 1 for the island

This corner piece of granite was really tricky to get in and some of the cupboards and doors had to be removed to fit it
Next piece of granite fitted for the sink
Final pieces going together like a jigsaw
The island bench top on with a longer overhang at the back for bar stools to sit under

The oven / stove side bench top going into place

Oven / Stove bench in levelled and sealed

Granite benchtops installed and looking beautiful

I have had tradies going in and out of my house for 4 days .... there is dust, sand and footprints everywhere but I couldn't care less. I keep offering them red cordial and strong coffee and I'm just so happy it's getting done.
Now the kitchens installed we can move onto the next jobs - picking out and installing a splash back (I think I'm going to go for tiles over glass splashback), then buy and fit the range hood, the sink and plumbing needs to be hooked up, the dishwasher installed, the gas stove top installed, prepping and painting all the walls, skirting boards, door frames, and ceiling and finally the ceiling cornices can be installed.

Phew then the fun stuff - shopping for bar stools, a dining table and bench seat, a rug and some wall art and finishing touches.

It's about that time I'm just going to go pour myself a wine and stand in my newly renovated kitchen that's slowly coming together .... Cheers!

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[All images my own]
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  1. I think it looks great! It makes me look at my kitchen and say, "Kitchen you need a makeover!" lol
    I wish one of those home renovation shows would show up at my house and do it all for me. =)

    1. Those home shows have a lot to answer for it takes so much longer than I ever thought it would - no idea how they replace kitchens in the 60 minute makeover show!

  2. Looks beautiful already Michelle!

  3. LOVE the granite tops! Oh, I can't wait to see what it looks like when everything else is done. Enjoy having a kitchen again :)

  4. What a great job you have done. Shiny to, my favourite. xxx

  5. Looking good, Michelle.

  6. Wow...looks FABULOUS.

    ENJOY your new kitchen.

    And...thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting on THE OTHER TYPIST.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

  7. Looking good so far, Michelle! You must be so sxcited!

  8. Phew, what a week for you! How annoying re the sink, lucky you were able to find something else you were happy with. It's looking great so far!

  9. WOW! This looks fabulous!!!


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