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Monday, August 12, 2013

eDesign Mood Board - Dining Room and Kitchen Bench

I have a pretty clear vision of how I want the kitchen to look when it's all finished and have created an eDesign mood board to bring my ideas to life.
Taking a cue from the clocks and art I have ready to go up on the dining room wall once the painting is done and with the frames, art and clocks in pops of yellow, black, silver and gold these are the primary colours I'm using for the decor and furniture for the kitchen and dining room.
So here is my mood board for the Dining Room and Kitchen Bench ...

1. Kenwoods Kmix toaster and kettle - The new colour range of appliances in bright colours make a really bright bold statement. I think every kitchen deserves a new kettle and toaster after a renovation and my old leaking kettle just isn't going to cut it in the new kitchen!
2. Replica Xavier Tolix Stools - If I'm brave enough I'll get 2 of these yellow Stools for the kitchen island bench. The rubber feet and legs on these stools are what I like the most because they are practical when it comes to jarrah floorboards they won't scratch the floor when they get dragged out, unlike some of the heavier solid base bar stools.

3. Black granite bench top - A sample of the black granite kitchen and island bench tops to see how the furniture and decor will contrast. The colours are really going to make a statement against the shiny sparkly granite.

4. Pineapple ornament - The new ornament craze is all about pineapples! I'm really liking this one from Freedom and my other favourite shop Pigeonhole have a pineapple jar which would serve a dual purpose both practical and fun.

5. Gold apple - From my go to store Typo I found this apple pen holder which I'm using as a salt dispenser on the bench near the stove. Even Mr P has given it the thumbs up and I quote "that's probably my favourite thing you've bought for the house" and that's saying something because I have bought home a lot of housey things over the years!

6. Replica Tolix Table - This table matches the kitchen stools which should tie the different seating in together. I really like the contrast between the wooden top and metal legs and it's quite streamline so won't overpower the small dining area. It will just be a matter of whether the table will fit in the space and if the ottoman can slide underneath the table legs and sit under the table out of the way.

7. Fabric Rectangle Ottoman - Instead of bench seats I'm looking at a fabric ottoman for seating at the dining table against the wall and then chairs along the other side of the dining table. This ottoman comes in a range of fabrics and I'll go for a bold graphic print. I just hope the ottoman is at the right height to sit at the table and that it can be pushed underneath the table out of the way to save space.

8. Replica Eames Dining Chairs - The remaining dining chairs I would like 4 chairs similar to these Replica Eames Side chair in a grey fabric with timber legs. The timber legs will go with the dining table top and the grey fabric will go with the wall colour paint.
You can see the mood board on Polyvore here with links of where you can buy the items.
So what do you think of my dining room and kitchen bench design?
Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them!
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[Image via Polyvore designed by Jarrah Jungle]
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  1. I've been thinking about the yellow kettle too, looks so good. I miss popping into Pigeon Hole :( Great moodboard xx

  2. Oooh, I love the ottoman, #7!

  3. hi Michelle. thank you for dropping by my blog. We have just moved into a smallish recycled house (relocatable with extra bits).
    I love your ideas and that Fabric Rectangle Ottoman - want it.

  4. Hi I have had similar stools before I found that buttons on jeans will scratch the top of the seat. Love your colours and gotta have the pineapple xxx

    1. Thanks for the tip Rae - no jean bums allowed on my shiny new stools! Yes a pineapple is a must, I was lucky enough to get the very last one from Pigeonhole today :)

  5. Pineapple! Why didn't I think of that!


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