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Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitchen Renovation - Glass Splash Back Install

On this kitchen renovation journey I've taken you through our dilemma of deciding between tiles Vs glass splash back and the unsuccessful tile shopping expedition which lead to our decision to pick glass over tiles and comparing companies and quotes to get the best deal on a glass splash back.

I wanted our splash back to have a wow factor but at the same time not be something that I love for it's uniqueness but a future home buyer might hate for the very same reason! We decided on a modern glass splash back in a fairly safe colour with silver and blue tones it's not too bright or out there and picks up the colours of the shells in the black granite bench tops.

In preparation for the splash back install Mr P and I have been frantically trying to finish the painting after work in the evenings and over the last few weekends amongst other things and almost got there, the rest we finished painting after the install. We had to screw in the brackets for the range hood so they knew where to cut the holes out of the glass. Remove the side panels off the overhead glass cabinets so the splash back can sit flush against the wall and then the panels over the top - it looks much neater this way. Lastly, we needed to have the bench tops cleared, power outlet covers removed and stove hot plates out of the way so the glass could be carried in and put into place without a hitch.

So here we go check out the install on Friday which happened in under an hour!

The Frosted Ice sample of the splash back was a lot lighter, more silver and less blue than the actual product turned out to be
Thankfully I don't mind the darker blue tone but when they say variations in colour can occur they are not joking!

The stove area before the splash back went in

The stove area after the splash back is installed
The holes for the range hood brackets - we had to pre drill 5 of these so they knew where to cut the holes when they did the final measure. You don't know how glad I was to see the holes made in the right spot!

Ta da splash back installed now I can cook and splatter away at the stove as much as I want!

The sink area before the splash back went in
The splash back installed around the window frame and bench area

The splash back is in and I absolutely love it!
The glass colour looks darker at night time which gives it a more formal and sophisticated vibe and then during the day it looks lighter and a bit more casual. I really love the colour choice and think it suits people who like classic colours as well as those who are a little more daring and want bright pops of colour like how I plan to decorate with my eDesign mood board.
This week I'm going to fluff around styling the bench tops - while I'm not one to clutter the bench tops but I do need the coffee machine out of the garage and into the kitchen so I can set up my much anticipated coffee station!
What do you think?  Have I convinced you to get Glass over Tiles?
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[All images my own]
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  1. Ooh I like! Ever since seeing a glass splashback at a family friend's place a few years ago I've loved the look. But I do really like the mosaic look too. Bet you are so glad to have it all done now, apart from styling - are you all finished??

    1. Yes I love the mosiacs as well but the glass won me over in the end :) So so so so so glad! Just have the floorboards to sand back and seal, then we can move the fridge back in which is still in the garage (I hope it fits!), and just art to hang, dining furniture table/chairs/bar stools to buy and we are ready to throw a kick ass kitchen party! :)

  2. (The kitchen area that is!)

  3. I think the glass looks fab! You two have done so well x

  4. That is just so PRETTY!! Seriously, love it! You guys are doing such an awesome job! I can't wait to see how the entire kitchen pulls together! YAY!!!

    1. Thanks so much, I cant wait to finish it up and show it off too :)

  5. Looks brilliant Michelle!! Well done :)

  6. Looks great, Michelle. Glass would be much easier to clean than tiles, I reckon.

  7. I know decisions like this are not easy. I am more of a tile person. But I think glass can look great when done right. Excited to see the finished kitchen!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  8. I love the glass - so much easier to clean with no grout! Was there a big cost difference? I think I will go for glass in our new office kitchen.

    1. Yes although it will show marks more, it is much easier to clean with just the wipe of a cloth and some Windex! Surprisingly, the glass came out cheaper than the tiles as we have expensive taste in tiles plus the labour to have them laid. The glass was not too bad coming in at $1500 all up.

  9. Excellent choice of blue to go with Jarrah floorboards.


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