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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tori Spelling - The Hostess With the Mostess

It was one of those days today when I needed a pick me up and took myself to my happy place a local Book Store Dymocks and was browsing the cookbook isle as I do before I've had lunch just to make myself that bit more hungry! and I came across Tori Spelling's new book CelebraTORI which is about party planning and entertaining.

I didn't buy the book so I can't do a review on it but I had a good flip through and the writing was in her sweet down to earth tone and there were lots of pretty photos of party decor and entertaining ideas.

As most of us know Tori from Beverley Hills 90210 fame (I even had the 90210 tissue box with all their lovely faces on and the day my cousin tried to use one of those treasured tissues was a day I never forgot!).

As well as publishing a few books she also has a gorgeous website ediTORIal where she writes about entertaining, craft, family life, etc.

Tori has her own reality TV show with her hubby in which amongst other things they are event planners and throw beautiful wedding receptions and party celebrations for their clients.

I watch it on Foxtel quite a bit and she is full of great ideas and her parties always turn out pretty spectacular.
What I like most about Tori's show is seeing how the event comes together so that you can get ideas for things you can actually do yourself - the way she carefully picks out flowers in matching colours for tables, sets up a food stand and a bar area for drinks, sitting areas for people to chill and relax, it's all about the little things and how she creates atmosphere to make a party amazing.

Surprisingly, she does it on a pretty modest budget too not the expensive over the top Hollywood theme that you would expect from someone of that calibre.

I love to throw dinner parties and entertain friends, of course I'm no where near the standard of Tori but on reading the intro to her book she was never that polished either ... at her first dinner party the boys wouldn't stop watching sport on TV so the girls ate alone!

It's just like anything I guess you've got to practice and the more you do it the better you'll be!
Whenever I'm throwing a dinner party I end up like a nervous wreck the week leading up to it running around frantically cleaning the house and then we all end up milling around the kitchen or outside under the patio and nobody ever sees how well I scrubbed the shower and dusted the furniture!

Don't even get me started on the menu, I sit there with stacks of recipe books and magazines trying to create a menu with food and drinks that are show stoppers but not too difficult! All it ever does it make me so hungry that I just want to tear out the delicious looking recipe page and eat it!

The part that I love the  most about hosting parties is picking a theme and decorating the table, I'm in  my absolute element laying out the wine glasses and itty bitty cocktail forks that nobody knows what to do with, scented candles, fresh flowers, making it all pretty - that's my favourite part of being a hostess with the mostess!

When you host dinner parties - Are you as cool as a cucumber like Tori Spelling? Or a nervous wreck like me?

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[All images via Amazon and ediTORIal - 1, 2, 3, 4]

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  1. nervous wreck and at the same time i need help but i want everyone to relax so I am in a tizz. But apparently Tori is a real earth mother and i have seen her on several cooking shows on cable and she does look like a natural.

    1. I am exactly the same way! After the main course though I can relax and happy for someone to help me with dessert :)

  2. I love throwing a good dinner party and try to be super organised to prevent the overwhelming feeling I get having people over. Love the photos and the book looks great.

    1. Yes Im a bit of an organiser too, make lots of lists too so I dont forget anything :)

  3. nice post! didn't even know she wrote a book!

    1. Can you believe she has actually written 4 books!

  4. Love those vege cups! I don't host many parties but I love helping friends get everything today.

  5. I LOVE hosting parties. So much fun to plan and put everything together and enjoy the actual day.


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